Mexico, Day 1

May 15th, 2010... We arrived at the airport near San José del Cabo; a historic town. After fighting our way through the time share vultures, we spotted our driver, whom we can not recommend enough! I highly, highly recommend everyone use Arturo's company for private transportation from and to the airport.

He was incredibly friendly and helped whisk us from the airport straight to the very clean, air-conditioned vehicle for transportation. Beverages, of course, were served in transit. Honestly, we were just a paparazzi away from feeling like celebrities, haha. Very friendly service. If you research him and his company, you will find nothing but amazing reviews. (Not a sponsored post) Please don't wing it and take a taxi from the airport in cabo, because you will get ripped off and possibly even taken to a time share gathering instead of your hotel! Careful. :)

So, the first day we checked into our hotel, slathered on the sunscreen and made our way down to the beach: Playa del Medano/Medano beach. We ate at the Mango Deck. Boo. The food was okay, the entertainment was pretty cheesy (spring break-esque), and the price was far too high for Mexico. This is Mexico, there's no reason for food for two to cost $30.00.

We decided to explore a little after our meal. We walked along the beach, allowing the waves to crash up against us and cool us down. We walked up a hidden path and went past a chain link fenced lot with small sheds and huts all over it. After looking more closely, we found out that it was actually a cemetery. We continued on our walk... Mind you, it was incredibly hot out, and there was no sign of the main road anywhere. We found an opening in the chain link fence as the road came to a dead-end, so we walked towards it. Roosters and chickens crossed our paths as we spot a shed with three kids peaking out of it, watching and giggling at us. Then we see the sign "No entering!"/"Ningún entrar!" Eek! We kept walking to the road and alas! We were on familiar ground. Back to the hotel we went and passed out quite early. 

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