101 Things to Do in 1001 Days!

Brought to you by Day Zero Project! What you do... Make a list of 101 realistic goals that you would like to achieve. Find out the date 1001 days from today (mine is Sunday, June 10, 2012). Get cracking!

  1. Learn how to crotchet... Evidenced by crocheting a baby blanket. (working on completing blanket...)
  2. Knit my first sweater.  (Done)
  3. Knit my first pair of socks. 
  4. Have my business make more than 4 sales per month on average.
  5. Obtain a job in a hospital.
  6. Eat healthy for 90 days, minus weekends - cheat day(s)!
  7. Run a 5 Km race.
  8. Run a 10 Km race.
  9. Run a half marathon.
  10. Lower my debt to $5K.
  11. Lower my debt to $10k.
  12. Lower my debt to $15k
  13. Write a short story (something I've been putting off for years).
  14. Write a song on the guitar.
  15. Put change in someone's expired meter.
  16. Take my daughter to the Vancouver Aquarium.
  17. Take my daughter to the petting zoo.
  18. Learn a new language. (Spanish, American Sign Language) In progress...
  19. Host a poker night.
  20. Become a representative of a home-party company. Done
  21. Complete the 100 mile diet for at least one month.
  22. Successfully camp for two consecutive nights. I used to be able to do this.
  23. Establish a house cleaning schedule and implement it for 21 consecutive days.
  24. Take my car in at least once on time for an oil change.
  25. Re-join the fire department as a volunteer.
  26. Go surfing.
  27. Go paintballing.
  28. Get a quad.

  29. Go geocaching.
  30. Volunteer.  Anywhere.
  31. Adopt a dog.
  32. Plan out participation in Burning Man, even if I don't go... Just plan it out to save for another year.
  33. Make bread from scratch... Using a starter, not with a bread machine.
  34. Create a protein-rich ice cream recipe.
  35. Read at least 15 books... I hate setting time aside for books even though I love reading. Borrowed/altered from Katrina's list of 101 things  6/15 (My Sister's Keeper, Twilight Series)
  36. Bench press 100 lbs.
  37. Start and finish Wrecking this Journal.
  38. This one is very emotional for me since I've never stopped missing my grandmother, but: Visit my grandpa at least once once per month. 
  39. Write an article and get it published (idea courtesy of Brian Elsey, though I had been thinking about it for years.)
  40. Write a letter to the government about common law marriage rules regarding taxes.
  41. Take 26 photos of things around Vancouver Island beginning with A to Z (0/26) -- Also courtesy of Brian, above!
  42. Manage groceries in under $400 (this means controlling the significant other) for one month.
  43. Manage groceries in under $350.00 for one month... Eek!
  44. Help the significant other get this house ready to sell... Whether or not we want to sell it. Just get it nice looking! Per room/area:1/9 (bedroom x 3, bathroom x 2, living room, kitchen, hallway, garage.)
  45. Get the yards ready for selling: 0/4 (front, side, back, "other side")
  46. Close credit line and associated bank account.
  47. Open a savings account with ING direct.
  48. Re-open my daughter's RESP with a reputable bank.
  49. Use rewards points from ANYWHERE to get something I wouldn't normally be willing to pay for. (such as the bread machine I got a few years back)
  50. I really ought to do this anyway, but floss my teeth twice a day, everyday for 21 days.
  51. Truly make amends with those close to me whom have done me wrong and to whom I've done wrong.
  52. Avoid complaining about anything for 10 days in a row (0/10)
  53. Learn to lead rope/climb!
  54. This should be done naturally, but draw with my daughter for 300 days in 12 months
  55. Teach my daughter how to ride her bike without training wheels.
  56. Replace the "S" word with Sugar, "Holy crap" with "Holy cats", the F word with "shoot", and so forth.
  57. Finish Loving Baby's diaper pages.
  58. Finish Loving Baby's sunglasses/totes/accessories page.
  59. Finish the Oriental Carriers pages. (0/2)
  60. Sell enough stock to fit the remaining stock in one bin.
  61. Have a real booking by someone I'm not related to. :)
  62. Put my daughter's old clothes into a consignment store.
  63. Put what doesn't sell into the SOS.
  64. Clean out the garage of cardboard boxes.
  65. Clean out the garage of crap we will not use.