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Mexico, Day 1

May 15th, 2010... We arrived at the airport near San José del Cabo; a historic town. After fighting our way through the time share vultures, we spotted our driver, whom we can not recommend enough! I highly, highly recommend everyone use Arturo's company for private transportation from and to the airport.

He was incredibly friendly and helped whisk us from the airport straight to the very clean, air-conditioned vehicle for transportation. Beverages, of course, were served in transit. Honestly, we were just a paparazzi away from feeling like celebrities, haha. Very friendly service. If you research him and his company, you will find nothing but amazing reviews. (Not a sponsored post) Please don't wing it and take a taxi from the airport in cabo, because you will get ripped off and possibly even taken to a time share gathering instead of your hotel! Careful. :)

So, the first day we checked into our hotel, slathered on the sunscreen and made our way down to the beach: Playa del Medano/Medano beach. We ate at the Mango Deck. Boo. The food was okay, the entertainment was pretty cheesy (spring break-esque), and the price was far too high for Mexico. This is Mexico, there's no reason for food for two to cost $30.00.

We decided to explore a little after our meal. We walked along the beach, allowing the waves to crash up against us and cool us down. We walked up a hidden path and went past a chain link fenced lot with small sheds and huts all over it. After looking more closely, we found out that it was actually a cemetery. We continued on our walk... Mind you, it was incredibly hot out, and there was no sign of the main road anywhere. We found an opening in the chain link fence as the road came to a dead-end, so we walked towards it. Roosters and chickens crossed our paths as we spot a shed with three kids peaking out of it, watching and giggling at us. Then we see the sign "No entering!"/"Ningún entrar!" Eek! We kept walking to the road and alas! We were on familiar ground. Back to the hotel we went and passed out quite early. 

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Aimee Mulins and Her 12 Pairs of Legs

A truly awesome lady. Being different isn't always a "handicap" or a disability. This woman is smart, beautiful, hilarious, and well spoken. Oh, and she is missing two legs, but you wouldn't have guessed that about this athlete by just looking at her.

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Are You Enjoying The Weather?

Are you enjoying the weather? The sun has been out all day! My goodness, it's just gorgeous out there. I decided to go out with my sister and her son, our friend Shanon and her daughter, my dog, my daughter and I. We went to the park and checked out the new boardwalk that the town is in the middle of constructing along the beach. It looks like it will make an excellent run spot ;D

On a random note, I've been reading through a lot of antidepressant forums and reading up on people trying to wean themselves off of them. I see so much wrong information and well-meaning, but bad advice being handed out... I'm tempted to write a post relating to depression and antidepressants. Mostly, I want to address the "I feel better now and would like to stop taking the medication." Mentality. Unfortunately, the reason why you feel so good is because of the medication. When depression is made enough that it warrants medication, you are going on the medication for life, not until you feel better... Generally, anyway.

The withdrawals are terrible. You have to be prepared and have your doctor on your side as well as your family and support system.

Aww darn, see? I'm turning this into a post about antidepressants already!  For those of you that are curious, I am on 37.5 mg of Effexor OD for depression. I feel completely normal and completely fine/content/happy while on it despite the occasional headache. My family has a history of depression and I battled with it for 13 years before turning to medication. I only wish I turned to medication sooner. It doesn't change who you are, doesn't make you a bad person, but it does help you to start thinking like a normal, healthy person :D

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Running Races on the Island - Help

Help me compile a list of running races on the island! I'm trying to find as many as I can and intend to sign up for a handful of the 15 k and under races with my sister. Once I have a list of races, I'll provide details about registration and so forth.

Let's continue on with the great start to the new year and get our fitness levels up to a point where our hearts thank us for making them stronger ;)

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Parksville Community WARNING

Moms of daughters in the Parksville area, please be careful and warn your daughters. Get them a safety whistle or a cell phone to carry on themselves if they must walk alone. If possible, encourage them to walk with friends.

Yesterday, my MIL's friend's daughter was followed by a man described to be in his 40's or 50's, dark brown/black hair down to his jawline, dark spot on the front of his neck (like a burn), tattoo of a barbell or dumbbell on his upper right arm, greasy/dirty looking hands, a smoker, very freckled face... Driving around in an older black, light-duty truck with a black tarp in the back covering something "bumpy", no lisence place on the front, rusting around the wheel wells, large scrape down the front of the truck, passenger-side headlight is cracked, and an airfreshener or a photo of a woman in a short red dress hanging from his rear-view mirror.

The police are on the lookout for this guy, so please give them a call if you know anything. He was offering a ride to the daughter of MIL's friend, she declined and walked quickly away, so he followed her inside of his truck, even following her down the one-way street in the main area of downtown parksville. She started running once he actually followed her down the one-way street and managed to get to her mom's work safely, though very shaken up. Police say this is the second report they've had of this guy in two days. Please be careful and pass on the info!

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I Am Silent

Tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. That makes tomorrow a day where many people world-wide are choosing to remain completely silent for a full 24 hours. Normally, I would jump at the chance to do this, however, I am currently on the job hunt and am awaiting a few important phone calls tomorrow... Maybe I'll post-pone the event for myself.

So what is it about? By not talking, texting, typing, writing, etc. for 24 hours, we send our thoughts out to children world-wide who have no one speaking for them. Whom have no voice of their own. Take the day to research children's rights across the globe. See what you really know about children's issues and find out what you should know.

Take the vow, yourself.

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Chore Chart -- Awesome!

I saw this at Team Wiking's blog and just had to re-blog it to share with you all! It's a cute chore chart that can be downloaded at this website. I like the idea of having your kids help out in any way possible and giving them a sense of reward by seeing their accomplishments in writing (i.e. instead of candy or other tangible rewards... Though 5 ticks = one treat or surprise sounds pretty awesome, too!)

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adjective  "(of a disease) prevalent throughout an entire country, continent, or the whole world; epidemic over a large area."

Are you surprised it doesn't mean wide spread death? h1n1 is currently wide-spread across the globe, so by definition it is a pandemic. It doesn't mean we're all going to die. Whether you want to vaccinate or not is completely up to you. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise :)

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Geeky Christmas

A different kind of floating thermometerOn my old blogs, I always did a yearly Geeky Christmas special blog post filled with geeky goodies that I would love personally as a geek. I share it to give everyone some ideas on what to buy for the geeks in their lives. Posting this well more than a month in advance so if you are so inclined to make online purchases, it will get to you on time. If you are a geek, make yourself a wishlist at my favorite geek store!

The List

Power Plant Herb Garden :: Make your own mini-herb garden with this fool-proof garden. Basil, cilantro, parsley, nom, nom, nom! It is a Desktop hydroponic herb garden that comes with dirt pellets and nutrition for your soon-to-be plants.

Space Invaders Cutting Board :: Oh em gee... Who doesn't remember Space invaders! Heck, I still play it on seedy looking flash-based gaming websites! This cutting board gives a true pixilated feeling with an invader on it. Hand made, if you can believe it.

Why There's Antifreeze in Your Toothpaste :: A great bathroom reader for anyone in your family who's hard to shop for. A book that explains common chemicals found in regular household items.

8-Bit Oven Mit :: Not only does the title rhyme... ha. This 8-bit hand picture is on an oven mitt. I would love to have one of these myself, not going to lie! I might just find a knitting pattern... Make some gloves or something haha

Cat Play Houses :: If I had a cat, I would definitely, definitely have one of these. They are cute and awesome! There is a firetruck, an airplane, and a tank.

I could make this list go on forever, really... Even since my first order from ThinkGeek about 7 years ago, I have been a loyal customer. I love all the things they carry and just wish that they had a Canadian shipping location so that customes wouldn't charge me so darn much... Keep checking back, I'll likely make more Christmas lists for runners/athletes, nurses, etc.

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A Glass of Red Wine a Day

A glass of red wine each day can dramatically decrease your risk of stroke! That said, don't be left without a means of opening your bottle of wine...


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Last Night Shift

I am about to do my very last night shift. I am so burned out already, but it'll be worth it in the end. This is an extra shift I have picked up because of the one I missed on Thursday for my grandfather's wake. I don't mind nightshifts, really. They are pretty boring, but I at least get to see my daughter a bunch when I'm at home. On the evening shifts, she's always asleep when I'm home and it makes me miss her like crazy!

Tuesday is my only day off, then I am off to work 6 evening shifts in a row. If this doens't kill me, what will?

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Beat Cancer! Come On!

Come on, everyone! If you have twitter, facebook, or a blog, now is the time to #beatcancer! Do this simply by tweeting and updating your facebook status to include #beatcancer, and invite your friends to do the same. Curious about what the heck this is? Beat Cancer Everywhere is a website with sponsers such as Ebay, Paypal, and Miller light (hehe) who are willing to donate one cent for each reference to #beatcancer made on twitter and facebook! 

What are you waiting for? Retweet nursejoc!



I'm helping to raise funds to
#beatcancer, by blogging, tweeting
and posting Facebook status

Click here to join me!

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Climate Change... Blog Action Day

Edit: I got the dates wrong and originally had this posted on the first, haha... Deleted that entry and replaced it with this one for the fifteenth:

I'm supposed to blog about climate change for today, since it is the Blog Action Day's topic. I'll be honest and say I don't spend a lot of time worrying myself about climat change. I do realize the incredible risk that it has on Earth, but all I can really do is try to do my part to prevent further damage. Carpooling whenever possible, keeping the trees on my property nice and healthy... Planting more whenever I can. Turning off lights as I leave the room. Common sense things that just aren't common enough.

Do you conserve energy whenever possible? How about water? Do you take long showers? More than one shower per day? Do you take baths nearly filled to the top? Do you overstuff your fridge and frezer? Idle your car for longer than a minute when you run inside? All of these things contribute to excess gases that just aren't needed. These gases are theorized to contribute to the global climate change.

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IUDs and Things of Such

I'll be blunt. I have no qualms talking about personal things like this. I like sharing my own experiences because there's always that off chance that someone can benefit from it.

I went to the Ocean View Women's Clinic for a consult of an IUD. I've been debating an IUD a lot as a method of birth control. The pill gives me a headache, nausea, and severe mood swings: I dip into depression for a week each month on average. Severe depression that keeps me bound in bed until I absolutely cannot stay in bed any longer.

The consult consisted of a discussion about the IUDs. Pros and cons of both types that are offered in Canada -- the hormonal one and the copper one. It also involved a manditory test for certain STDs, even though I've been in a monogamous relationshp for four years. This is an understandable prerequirement, so don't get put off if your doctor starts off off by saying you need an STD check, haha!  After that, there was a fiar amount of crampy feeling as they measure the depth of the uterus. I know. It's about as wonderful as it sounds.

I was given an "Either/or" prescription for both IUDs so that I can think about it before deciding on which type I would for sure like.

The staff at this clinic are AWESOME. Very friendly and informative!

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What a Weekend - Run for the Cure, etc.

Saturday was our graduation ceremony. It was good! Short and sweet. It was a little harsh to see that the other intake groups had lost at least half of their group. My sister likes to blame it on our intake's teachers being easier. I prefer to think it's because of how close knit our class became. We all know eachother pretty well... We know the hardships we've all endured during this demanding 12 month program. We have all shared a good cry together during stressful exams, failed exams, relieving tears of barely passed exams, assessments, and so forth. It's been quite the ride.

My intake still has one more month left and our lisencing exam isn't until January. Boo! Oh well. Congratulations, classmates!

Sunday was the Run for the cure. I hadn't really practiced for it. I hadn't trained at all, acually. Prior to the run, my longest run ever was 1 km (without a walking break). Pretty weak! I went into yesterday's run knowing I was running for my grandma and her best friend... My grandma passed away what will be 2 years ago on the 14th, and her best friend was diagnosed with breastcancer shortly after that. My grandma did not die of breast cancer. No. She was a survivor. She was a survivor because of cancer research supported by wonderful people who volunteer for fundraisers, the people whom organize the events, the people who volunteer to set up the tents, the people who volunteer to cheer on the runners during these events, and lastly, the people who gather donations.

I want to say THANK YOU! Thank you to all volunteers and runners who participated in the Run for the Cure yesterday. Thank you for giving me my grandma back. Even though she's no longer here, it is because of your hard efforts that I had her with me for more than a decade longer.

I ran the full 5 km. Not once did I stop and not once did I walk. I felt like I was going to throw up for the last kilometer. I felt like my legs were going to give out near the home stretch. I couldn't even feel the muscles in my legs working, I was just trusting that they were doing what I told them to do. I told myself I would run the 5 km for my grandma, and I did.

I choked back my sobs as I passed people on the trail during the last kilometer, because I could not believe it. I was doing it. Shortly after crossing the finish line, I cried. Cried for my grandma, cried from the overwhelming runner's high, cried out of being proud of myself, and I cried for everyone else that shared their stories of how breast cancer affected their lives.

I can barely walk today :)

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101 Things to Do... How Are We Doing?

I still only have half of my list written out, so maybe I'll work some more on that today. So far, I've only had progress on the following:

3. Knit my first pair of socks.  (One sock close to completion)
Have my business make more than 4 sales per month on average. (1/4)

Run a 5 Km race. (5 k race this Sunday!)

Become a representative of a home-party company. (Wow... I forget ever writing this one down, but I joined BeautiControl last week)

34. Read at least 15 books...  ( still working on the first one, but it's in progress anyway: 0/15)

53. This should be done naturally, but draw with my daughter for 300 days in 12 months (1/300)


It was pretty interesting to see that the month I started the 101 things to do in 1001 days, and the month I created the goal board and started putting my energy into it, I got my first business sale (not BeautiControl) since January. I didn't change a darn thing about what I was doing, not did I even touch my business, the sale came to me. Isn't that something? Awesome :)

I really ought to get working on that website, though. Get some more sales coming in. Use that paired with BeautiControl to get some income coming in so I can worry about more important things, like my amazing daughter.

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Save On Foods... Thrifty's...

Man, I hate this store. I hate it! But I keep going there out of convenience. Specifically, the one in Parksville. It is constantly bombarded with fruit flies. I don't mean just a few fruit flies, I mean I picked up a plastic case of strawberries to look at the freshness and I saw about 4 fruit flies squirming around inside and a cloud of fruit flies appear out of nowhere when I lifted it up. *shudder*

This isn't terribly out of the ordinary for this store. I also had a cashier ignore me on many occasions while checking out so that she could chat with her friends.

I've lived here for a little longer than a year and I've already accidentally purchased 6 expired items. One that stands out in my mind rather well is the Kashi cereal I purchased that was 6 months past its expiry date. I didn't realize this until I bit into the awesomely stale square of yuck.

Call this a rant if you will, but boo. Sometimes I'll have great experiences there, sometimes they are just aweful. The Save On Foods in Nanaimo is just awesome, on the other hand. Their produce always looks fresh and the employees are usually quite friendly.

Thrifty Foods in Parksville is an A++ store. I love going there. They have the freshest foods I've ever seen, a great selection of meats and cheeses, it's almost always spotless looking, and their employees are just amazing. I love that they always give my daughter a sticker at the checkout... Not to mention their awesome "half" carts. I wish I lived closer to Thrifty's than to Save On, haha

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