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Tetracycline Course Completed

I finished two months of the Tetracycline paired with Benzamycin (a topical gel that lives in the fridge, containing erythromycin and benzoyl eroxide). They both worked pretty well up until the last week. During the last week, I broke out in about five nodules. It was working so well, too. Oh well...

I wasn't really using the tetracycline properly, anyway. I had to eat something with it or I would throw up as I always did whenever I tried taking it as ordered -- 1 hour before food or three hours after food, never within a close time-frame of diary/calcium-rich or iron-rich foods.

The benzamycin gel worked alright... I really hate that it creates a large dependency on consistent use. You skip a morning or a nightly application and you will break out, without a doubt. When you are on a flip-flop schedule like mine, you can't really work a product like that into your schedule very easily. Not to mention the severe drying it does to your skin, the fact that it bleaches all hair it comes into contact with (eyebrows, surrounding hair line) and it discolours most fabrics... Uhg. I don't want topical solutions anymore. I'm sick of them and how much they limit lifestyle... I won't even get into the time I tried camping and came home with a polka-dot face, ha.

So now... I'm getting myself back onto the health wagon. It's time to stop eating junk food and restart taking my main vitamins; vitamin E and vitamin B (complex). I'm on day three of this, so we'll see how it goes. I want to exhaust all methods, even though I've tried most of them before. Last, last resort will be acutane which I would really love to avoid.

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Couple of Things...

Been keeping super busy at my new job! Wahoo. My only complaint is that the location isn't unionized.

Now, where the heck did Kinda Car Sick go?? I loved that blog *cry* Especially after Sara posted her lovely staff infection. Come back, lady!

In the knitting world, I'm currently working on my very first sweater. So far, I only have about 3 inches of 1x1 ribbing done. I'm using the pattern, Carona, though I will alter it slightly to make it londer in the body as well as the sleeves. I love sweaters that stop half-way down the bum since it's a good length to avoid the "constantly pulling my shirt down" syndrome.

I got my new blackberry in the mail. I love it so far... I'm easily amused, though. I spent at least an hour in bed last night at around 5:00 AM playing the texas hold'em game on it. If you haven't guessed, I have been doing a lot of night shifts lately so sleeping normal hours is next to impossible.

I'm about ready to take a nice long bath with my two new BeautiControl products -- not kidding you. I effing love the Fango seaweed masque. The way it smells, the way it feels, and how it leaves my skin after I'm done using it makes me crave using it :x  I pair it up with my other favorite poduct, the Luxuries of the Sea bath soak which has an aroma that compliments the masque very well. This isn't a plug, I swear haha I can't make money from this stuff online! I just love it :( A lot. A lot, lot, lot.

I have my licensing exam in two more sleeps. I'm super nervous... Halp!

Oh, PS. Although tetracycline is absolutely kicking my butt to the curb with its nausea-inducing tendencies, it has done a wonderful job clearing up my skin. I haven't had a new break-out for two weeks. One and a half more months left... Sweet jebus.

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Cell Phone Chat...

First post of 2010, holy toledo!

Roger's is having a massive sale on some of their smart phones in an attempt to rid their old models in stock. I took advantage of this and locked into a 3-year contract with no setup fee for $1.11. The data plan is a little more than what I was paying, but well worth it in the end. I've been looking at smart phones for nearly two years now and wanted this particular type of phone for the past 4 years. Well worth the wait, or so I hope!

That said, I hopped onto Etsy to take a look at what neat little trinkets I could buy for my new phone... I decided I had spent enough this season so far, but did a little browser shopping anyway. Some shops I enjoyed were:

  • YKBags :: A collection of iPod and cellphone cases among other things. Padded and very tastefully made. 
  • CuteAndFun :: Lives up to its name with adorable call phone charms... I want the frog one.
  • Kneazlegurl125 :: Really good workmanship on her cellphone charms. 

I think I'll pimp out my cellphone as a reward when I knock off the first $1k from my credit card :)

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