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Getting Back Into Running


Nike LivestrongAlright, so I've been slacking... Massively. I haven't had a good run in months! I'm getting back into the swing of it all since I indulged in some new minimalistic shoes from Nike's Live Strong collection. This post is mostly about the shoes... I figure they're pretty expensive, so some of you might want to see at least one real user review before making the dive.

I forget what the model name is for the new kicks and I'm far too lazy to check, but they feel like wearing slippers. They fit my foot like a sock - tight in a comfortable way. The tongue of the shoe is not an independent piece as with most shoes, which is amazing. No chaffing from a tongue that keeps moving. I only really need to tie up the laces for aesthetics and so I don't trip myself. That's how well these shoes are made to fit.


The sole of the shoes are flexible. Unlike most other shoes, they are not flexible because of the rubber, they are flexible due to the "jointed" nature of them (see picture). This is awesome as it allows my foot to move around as it would naturally, while the insole provides a little arch support which my 100% flat arches desperately need. The only downside of this feature is one of the joints happes to be located at the tip of my "pinky" toe. This creates an intermittent pressure on my little toes as I go through a running stride. If the joint was a little higher, it would be a perfect shoe. 

I can't run very far now that I am fully out of shape, but when I do get back in shape, I'll have to test these buggers out on a distance run. My guess is I'll end up with bloody toes. 

The runner's high is worth it... D:

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Some of This, Some of That

I woke up feeling a little sick today... boo! Of course, it happens the day after our house guest leaves and we get the house back to ourselves. If you get uncomfortable reading personal stories, don't read this entry - we went through a loss (two losses, actually) and this is the story... 

I'm still on tilt a bit with whacky hormones and mental exhaustion. Now that I've told all our loved ones and what-not, I guess I can go into more detail as to why I've been MIA. We had planned another baby and got pregnant in August. We were excited as heck and told our parents early... We also told a few other people, mostly just because I really hate lying about things ("Why aren't you drinking?" "Why can't you go in the hottub?") Anyway, we lost the pregnancy in the beginning of this month. Sucked enough as it were, but then we found out it wasn't just one baby, it was two! So amongst dealing with that, I ended up hemorrhaging and being admitted to the hospital. That isn't a normal part of a miscarriage if you were wondering! So that sucked. Ended up having to take time off work and scared the crap out of myself and my husband. 

My daughter was pretty awesome, though! While we were waiting for the ambulance while I hemorrhaged, my daughter asked me why I was crying. I told her I was scared. She said something along the lines of "Mommy, you don't have to be scared. See? I'll turn on the light and then you won't have to be scared anymore!"  Kids make almost everything more bearable. I love that girl. 

So, that's my story. Among that, we had a cancer scare, multiple CT scans and hospital trips for hubby, a wedding to plan, and random bills that I'm pretty sure the universe just kind of pulled out of its butt just to test us. October has always been a month shadowed by terrible news and terrible occurrences. 

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Just a quick update to let you all know that I am finally a married woman! Wahoo! 

Been very busy still... It seems that my schedule just won't stop being full. With my health issues out of the way and my hospital trips done with for now, my husband is now on the agenda for his health issues. Thus far, he has had a bone scan and two CT scans this month. Hoping to find out results of the latter CT scan on Monday. After that, I hope that there aren't any other follow ups needed... 

Hoping to get back into the swing of things soon enough. :) 

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Busy Bee, Oh My!

I've been so unbelievably busy the past few weeks. I'm having a hard time understanding what day it is. I have one more shift this evening at a residential care home, then I am off for a week as I prepare the final touches for my wedding on Wednesday. I also have to go back and forth to the hospital tomorrow and Monday for my hubby-to-be as he is getting a CT scan of his femur and a bone scan. Fingers crossed for good news... Those that know us well know that we have been having a very bad month thus far -- started off with a loss, me being in and out of the hospital, unexpected government bills, bed rest, loss of income due to needing to take a block of shifts off, and unexpected news in regards to hubby's health. Uhg! 

I'm so glad I have the wedding to focus on and the fact that my amazing friend in Victoria managed to help me get a Maggie S. dress for a reasonable price. I'll have to give her website/bridal shop a nice link in my nav bar. Her shop is amazing! 

Pictures will certainly accompany the post wedding update :) 

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I'm Still Alive...

In and out of hospital last week, recovering, and sitting in a funk... I'll be back soon :)

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