Brings Massive Savings... is a domain name I lucked into many moons ago. I sat on it... Thought about it for years before I could even think of something to do with it. Well, it's currently under carefull planning.


Briefly: GuessX will be a website dedicated to bringing you one amazingly priced item each month. What the prodct is will be the "Guess" portion of it - there will be no telling what the product will actually be until the month comes.


I have no launch date for this website just yet... It's really just in the planning out process, but I wanted to start generating some interest in it for you guys and gals. This website is aimed at Canadian customers only, but some exceptions will be made. If you're interested in being contacted when the website is launched -- ONE-TIME mailing! Shoot me an email to nursejoc at with the subject line of "GuessX" and once the website is launched, you will recieve an email from me and I will promptly delete your email address from my address book.