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Child Car Seat Safety

It's obvious I don't spend enough time researching car seat safety information. In fact, I haven't read anything about car seats since I changed my daughter from rear facing to forward facing 2.5 years ago. I just finished reading an article on titled "9 Lifesaving Car Seat Rules You're Probably Ignoring" and I found that they were mostly right...

My Mistakes

When my daughter was a youngin', rear facing car seats were to 1 year of age or 30 lbs. I kept my daughter rear-facing for 1.5 years, thinking it was the more responsible choice... Thing is, she just barely hits the 30 lbs mark right now! Eegads! That's scary. 

Straps are no longer determined to be tight enough by placing two fingers under the strap; Now they must pass the "pinch test." Pinch the straps -- if you can do so, then the straps are too loose. 

This one makes me feel like a total idiot, but no coats! This line from the article made me cry a little, I'm not ashamed to say, "A cop reports seeing a coat strapped into a seat, even after the child who had been wearing it flew out of it." God damn. Snuggies for everyone! 


Car seats have always freaked me out. I'm the only mom I know that reefs the heck out of the seat when installing it in the car. I break a good sweat and secure that sucker in so hard that it doesn't move a darn inch when you reef on it. I have a hissy fit if anyone drives my kid around with a loosely installed car seat... I might be a snob, but as I've said, car seats freak me out! 

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Vancouver Island Races for September

Wahoo! Finally. She does it and it is complete : May I present to you the fresh off my fingertips race schedule?

September 2010 Vancouver Island Running Races

Date  Location   Race Name  Distance  Race Website
1stRegistration Opens2011 Frontrunners Island Race SeriesN/AVIRA Online Registration
5thNanaimoCHECK NEW's Harbor City Half5 KmRegister Online
 5thVictoria Juan de Fuca Duathlon Multi Duathlon 
12thComox ValleyCVRR Memorial RaceMultiOnline Website
12thNanaimoNanaimo Daily News/Harbor City Half 21 KmHarbor City Half
18thLake CowichanGreat Lake Walk and Ultramarathon56 KmRegister Online
18thNanaimoRun For the Mountain 6 Km6 KmRegister Online
19thParksvilleTerry Fox Run - Rathtrevor Beach3-10
25thCumberlandMind over Mountain50 KmMind Over Mountain site
26thCampbell RiverCash Store Financial's Freedom Run 3 & 5 KmRegister Online
 26thVictoriaCash Stor Financial's Freedom Run 3 & 5 Km Register Online 
26thVictoriaEsquimalt 5K Race Walk & Fun Walk5 KmRegister Online
28th NanaimoRun/Walk for Family  5 & 10 KmRegister Online

As always, if I have missed something, just let me know and I will update the list.

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Tofino Surfing Trip

If you're from the Island, no doubt you've heard of Tofino or Ucluelet. Labour day weekend, a group of friends stayed at a placed called  Norah House and oh my goodness!! This house is beautiful... Absolutely amazing. They even let us take our little puppy inside the house without much more than a tiny pet deposit. 

Anyway, I tried surfing for the first time. I was really caught off guard by how much upper body strength it takes. You essentially do countless push ups as you "pop up" from the board to try and stand up. I'm proud to say that I managed to catch a few waves on my very first surfing excursion and a few more the day afterward. The day after that... I was way too sore to even try. haha  Plus, I had to work that evening ;)

I can't wait to go back, but it won't be for a while. That weekend put me back quite a bit since I had to book a few days off from work and renting the board and wet suit put me back a wee penny. 

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Believe it or not...

I'm actually working on a list of September island race schedules. Just stay with me here! Little busy tidying up the house, planning a wedding, looking after my little girl, our puppy, visiting my mom, and tomorrow... Surfing! Wish me luck... 

My lovely significant other told me a story of a girl (who will be coming to the cottage with us tomorrow -- group event) who gashed the heck out of her leg because she grabbed onto her board while bailing from a wave. Apparently, the fin of the board sliced her open right down to expose an artery in her leg. Luckily, she didn't open the artery. Yeah. Great story to tell me before I go surfing for the first time. Thanks, SO. Thanks. D:

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