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New Camera: Canon PowerShot A470

After many years of the over-sized, orange-tinting, battery noming digital camera, I finally broke down and bought a new one. I didn't research too much, I just looked at the size and the price. I managed to get the $160 camera for $89.00 thanks to the amazing price matching service provided by the website, which is a Vancouver-based business.

I have ordered two complete computer systems through NCIX in the past 10 years. (Yeah, note to self: dust out your PC tower every once in a while so that you don't set your video card on fire again... Good times.) They provide excellent customer service, great pricing, quick shipping, and awesome return policies. Nope, this isn't a paid blog post or anything like that. I just like spreading the good word on companies I <3

The only issue I have so far is that the camera's software is severely lacking. There isn't a way to resize your images through their software. As much as I love to keep original pictures in 9 trillion pixels by 10 billion pixels, I like to be able to resize some so that I can upload them online  for my website or to send through email to relatives. Luckily, I've recently found this website that allows you to resize images quickly and easily ( Though, it's just one image at a time. I won't complain! It's a free service :D

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