Knitting... Scarf Update

Scarf!I haven't really been working too hard at knitting lately. I've been picking up my scarf project every now and then throughout the week. The pattern is slowly becoming easier to use as I get more and more used to it. It also helps that I printed it off and enlarged the font so that it is much bigger and easier to read.

I am still stuck on the hat pattern for the hat I'm making for my nephews (soon-to-be-4 and 3-years-old). I would really appreciate any links to free or paid patterns that include knitted cars, trucks, or mighty machines! My nephews are hard core into cars and big machines that they won't wear anything that doesn't have either of those items. They're cute little buggers!

I keep getting Google hits for "Nurse Jackie Scarf," which I have seen on the show Nurse Jackie and which I absolutely love and want for myself. If I get most of my Christmas knits done, I will work on a pattern for that scarf... If it turns out well, I will post the pattern up for everyone. If it fails miserably, I'll still wear it proudly hidden-like under my jacket.

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