Nurse Jackie Scarf & Life

So finally, someone made a nurse jackie scarf. Check it out here. She adapted a pattern for a mesh chain scarf and used crocheted flowers to complete the look. If I ever make it through my umpteen projects, I will make myself one of those scarves! I've yet to start on socks for my mom for mother's day... Uh oh! Good thing I have a few days off starting tomorrow! Ha!

I'll likely update the Beauti News tomorrow during my day off. I'll also try to get June's running races up for Vancouver Island.

In other news, my energy has been just drained from me. I have helped a resident through their dying process before. I helped keep them comfortable and stayed with them when their family couldn't. This particular resident is one that I never had the pleasure of working with prior to their palliative order. I still showed a great deal of empathy towards this resident; holding their hand, being as gentle as humanly possible, and just being there. You can tell when a person's body has stopped working, but long before then, you can almost see their presence leaving themselves before that happens.

I'm trying to type this in a way that preserves some privacy, but one of the residents that I just absolutely adore working with is quite suddenly on their death bed. I was their nurse last night and will be the nurse again tonight. This is what has sucked the energy out of me. It's a bit of a blessing to be able to help them through this process and be the person with the power to bring comfort, but at the same time, this is a person I greatly enjoyed working with and will be so very, very sorely missed.

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