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First post of 2010, holy toledo!

Roger's is having a massive sale on some of their smart phones in an attempt to rid their old models in stock. I took advantage of this and locked into a 3-year contract with no setup fee for $1.11. The data plan is a little more than what I was paying, but well worth it in the end. I've been looking at smart phones for nearly two years now and wanted this particular type of phone for the past 4 years. Well worth the wait, or so I hope!

That said, I hopped onto Etsy to take a look at what neat little trinkets I could buy for my new phone... I decided I had spent enough this season so far, but did a little browser shopping anyway. Some shops I enjoyed were:

  • YKBags :: A collection of iPod and cellphone cases among other things. Padded and very tastefully made. 
  • CuteAndFun :: Lives up to its name with adorable call phone charms... I want the frog one.
  • Kneazlegurl125 :: Really good workmanship on her cellphone charms. 

I think I'll pimp out my cellphone as a reward when I knock off the first $1k from my credit card :)

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