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Christmas Gifts for Nurses

Nurses are actually pretty easy to shop for... I think.  Regardless of your budget, too! 

Let's start off with small gifts:

  • Pens. Black pens for day and evening shift workers, red pens for night shifters. They don't have to be expensive pens at all; just having a pen that works is good. We're always losing pens. 
  • Watches. Make sure there is a second hand that is easily readable for when we have to count pulses or respirations.
  • Travel coffee or tea mug.
  • Foot pampering products... Lotions, foot soaks, cooling sprays, pedicure gift certificates. 

Medium gifts:

  • Compression stockings. They help prevent varicose veins, sore muscles, and so forth. They're awesome to have, but are a bit expensive to shell out for, ergo they are a perfect gift. 
  • Scrub jackets. 


Big gifts:

  • Foot spa... Tread carefully here. I'll be blunt, if it's under one hundred bucks, it's probably a bad foot spa. If it says "heated water," it's probably lying unless it is a Helen of Try foot spa. I shelled out a pretty penny (a little less than $200 after S&H) for this foot spa, but it was so worth it! 
  • Shoes. Obviously!  Do not get crocs as they are a sure way to lose any worker's compensation battles should you hurt yourself while on the job wearing these shoes. Runners that are closed (i.e. no mesh parts or open areas) and white are generally accepted in most work places in BC. 
  • Portable DVD player for a night shift worker :P  
  • Sleep Tracker watch. These are a little expensive, but are certainly worth it, especially if your nurse is a shift worker that works days, evenings, and/or nights. 

That's just a quick brain storm for you to start with! :D

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A New Beginning

After 10 long months of constant homework, studying, and stressing out, I am finally about to enter into my last practicum as a student Practical Nurse. This practicum is the first one that will be taking place inside of a hospital. This practicum is around 6 weeks long and I will be jumping into preceptorship after the practicum is over. Come November, I will be a Practical Nurse... Unfortunately, I won't be taking the licensing exam until January since that is when the exams will be held. Boo!

I am about to start re-training for a 5 km race. 5 km doesn't seem like a long race, but I smoked for 10+ years before I finally quit for good -- and I do mean quit for GOOD! I've bounced back and got my life into a healthier routine filled with weight lifting, team sports, and running. I haven't been running for a while due to my hectic schedule and overall stress level.

I will blog about my running adventures, my practicum (sans any patient references), and life in general. Thanks for popping in!

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