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Bye Bye Puppster

Alright... I thought I said before that if you are approaching a dog with fear aggression, particularly towards strangers, that you ignore the dog. That means not even sticking your hand out when the dog approaches you. Pretend you are a tree. Do not respond, do not react. The dog is not there. The dog is not there. Don't look at it. Don't talk to it. Don't bend over. Don't stick your hand out... 

That said, the obvious happened while I was at work. The significant other had company over, and one of the rather tall, strange men, put his hand out to our dog when our dog approached him. He got a warning nip and our doggy ended up going into a freak out of barking. 

That said, the dog has been returned to its previous owner (my sister). My sister, also an LPN, has tracked down an amazing trainer in the area (I'll post the trainer's info later if I can get my hands on it), and is looking into anti-anxiety medications for the dog.  Poor pup. He's a really good dog, but since he is half-Bernese and was not socialized properly as a puppy, he has a bad case of stranger fear, hence his behavior. 

Unfortunately, my significant other is not experienced with dogs, so training a behavior such as aggression out of him wasn't an option for him. Understandable. That dog is scary as hell when he's being aggressive. 

No one wags their tail to greet me anymore when I come home from my evening shift. I told my SO he has to thump the wall for me so I can pretend it's the dog greeting me. Thus far, he is no dog. Even if I call him one at times!


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Marin Bikes

I bet I'm boring the heck out of  you guys lately with all the personal blog posts as opposed to community, nursing, etc. posts.

So I have quite the debt under my belt right now, most of which I managed to rack up in a storm of idiocy before my 21st birthday. I'm looking forward to slowing crawling out of my debt hole. That said, I'm also wishing I had an extra few thousand laying around so I could buy a bike. Marin Bikes!

I currently have my eyes set on Marin's  Attack Trail 6.9 - a sexy beast of a mountain bike complete with full front and rear suspension. Enough to buck you off after a nifty trail jump! Swap on street wheels and you'll have my new means of transportation to work!  Unfortunately, the bike costs roughly $4,600 and it would take me 9 or so months to save that up. Ew.  I guess I'll just focus on paying off my hefty MasterCard bill in the mean time.

I recently got a job at a VIHA facility and am super stoked about it. So far, all the staff there that I have met have been valuable knowledge resources and are just amazing with residents and families. I'm stoked to finally have a VIHA job and have been toying with the idea of adding myself to the list of casual care aides. Might as well add a few extra shifts here and there while adding on some seniority hours! :P

I'm still a really new nurse - I've only been graduated for 7 months, but I'm still absolutely in love with this job. I love interacting with people, I love learning new things every day, I love the challenges that come at times, and creating bonds with all the people I work for and with. Love, love, love it!

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Summer is Just a Few Days Away

Summer is supposed to start on Monday, officially. With the way things are going with the weather, who knows? It's been fall-esque weather here in central Vancouver Island for all of spring with a few days that could be considered summer-like. I hope that we get a nice summer... We have so much work to do in the yard that it would be nice to have some encouragement in the form of sun. 

So I've been a little behind on things lately. I recently picked up a casual position at another retirement home to supplement my near-part time job. On top of that, I've been sick off and on for a while. I'm thinking my whole family might be getting sick more frequently and staying sick longer because of allergies... Now, the only thing that is different this year compared to last year is that we have a dog. Uh oh! 

My dog. Uhg. He is a snuggly, cute shedding machine in the house. As soon as you put a stranger into the mix, he turns into a fear aggressor. I've been trying many methods to help train the behavior out of him. Around the house, he is a submissive member of the pack, but outside, I'm not sure what happens. I've tried getting out house visitors in on the training, but none of them actually listen and follow through with what I've asked of them. 

For example, if a dog is barking at you... Don't bend over to the dog. It's seen as threatening. If he's barking at you, don't say he's a good dog. One, you're reinforcing the behavior, two he's not going to stop barking because you're saying that. If If I ask you not to acknowledge the dog while he's barking, please DON'T ACKNOWLEDGE THE DOG. I don't get mad at people (outside of my family :P) easily, but this one thing does make me very angry. Don't look at a(n aggressively) barking dog. Just don't. Ignore the heck out of him and he will calm down, realizing that he has no power over you. 

So essentially, if you're coming to my house, ignore my dog until he stops barking.  Why is that so hard for people to do? 

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