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Nodular Acne - I Know, It's Exciting!

I've been batteling with nodular ance since I was 21. In fact, I started breaking out shortly after my 21st birthday. As I've mentioned in the past, nodules are a step down from cystic acne. They are essentially the same thing, though they are smaller than.

When I first went to my doctor about it, I had already gotten to the point where I didn't want to leave the apartment for any reason. I was even embarassed to be around my family with the harsh looking break-outs. Not only are they an eye sore to look at, they are very painful and can sometimes be so deep that they cause numbness and facial swelling. Awesome stuff!

Anyway... For the first year and a bit, benzoy peroxide seemed to work pretty good, but I got the occasional breakout regardless of my religious face washing twice a day, application of benzoyl, and following that all up with a special formulated moisturizer. It left me absolutely paranoid of people touching my face at all and bleached each of my pillow-cases.

Then I tried going vegetarian, even went vegan for a while. I kept a great diet with no processed sugars in it for many months before I fell off the wagon and none of those changes to my diet helped at all. I tried supplements such as Vitamin E (helps complexion for sure), vitamin C, even the birth control pill all in an attempt to stop these constant break-outs.

I tried the oil cleansing method which helped reduce the number of breakouts, but didn't completely get rid of them and actually caused me to break out with pimples (white-topped comedomes) as well as blakc heads.

I tried quite a few other things. In the end, I had to come to the realization that these are not generic acne -- they can't be stopped alone. Off to the doctor I went for an Rx for Tetracycline. Finger's crossed!

There is ittle information out there on nodular acne and I look forward to sitting down and writing up a good informative article for those of you suffering from it, be it it through a friend, family member, or personally.

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Parksville Community WARNING

Moms of daughters in the Parksville area, please be careful and warn your daughters. Get them a safety whistle or a cell phone to carry on themselves if they must walk alone. If possible, encourage them to walk with friends.

Yesterday, my MIL's friend's daughter was followed by a man described to be in his 40's or 50's, dark brown/black hair down to his jawline, dark spot on the front of his neck (like a burn), tattoo of a barbell or dumbbell on his upper right arm, greasy/dirty looking hands, a smoker, very freckled face... Driving around in an older black, light-duty truck with a black tarp in the back covering something "bumpy", no lisence place on the front, rusting around the wheel wells, large scrape down the front of the truck, passenger-side headlight is cracked, and an airfreshener or a photo of a woman in a short red dress hanging from his rear-view mirror.

The police are on the lookout for this guy, so please give them a call if you know anything. He was offering a ride to the daughter of MIL's friend, she declined and walked quickly away, so he followed her inside of his truck, even following her down the one-way street in the main area of downtown parksville. She started running once he actually followed her down the one-way street and managed to get to her mom's work safely, though very shaken up. Police say this is the second report they've had of this guy in two days. Please be careful and pass on the info!

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Why I Love Kids

Daddy:  What do Pirates say?

Our 3-year-old daughter: ARRRRRR! A ho!!!

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I Am Silent

Tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. That makes tomorrow a day where many people world-wide are choosing to remain completely silent for a full 24 hours. Normally, I would jump at the chance to do this, however, I am currently on the job hunt and am awaiting a few important phone calls tomorrow... Maybe I'll post-pone the event for myself.

So what is it about? By not talking, texting, typing, writing, etc. for 24 hours, we send our thoughts out to children world-wide who have no one speaking for them. Whom have no voice of their own. Take the day to research children's rights across the globe. See what you really know about children's issues and find out what you should know.

Take the vow, yourself.

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BeautiU Training Day

I attended the BeautiU training day on Saturday last week. I didn't feel like going because it was Saturday! I went anyway, though... One of the awesome things about signing up as a consultant is you get 200 some-odd-dollars worth of merchendise for $150 (regularely), though they had a promotion on so I only paid $100.00 which was fine with me. The product I wanted to order was close enough to $100 that buying in as a consultant seemed like a good idea. It's actually turned out to be a great idea!

The $150 BeautiCase which contains an instant manicure ($34), a Skinlogics facial maintenance set (around $100, depending on which one you select), a BeautiControl bag (I'd guess a $55 retail), various promotion material for me to use as a consultant (spatulas for samples, demo stickers, catalogs, order sheets, product guide, consultant agreement forms, etc. All worth $30-40 when added together... Lots and lots of printed material), and a Spa Green Tea Warming Masque ($34).

Now... That's only part one. Part two of the BeautiCase is given free so long as you attend the free BeautiU training day. This part includes the full instant face lift set: facial buffering wand, microderm abrasian (cream), multi-acid face peel (natural acids as opposed to chemicals), rejuvinating eye serum, and a rejuvinating facial serum. It also includes some extra goodies to help the business along such as facial powder colour selection cards so that we can match our client skin tones to our products.  The kit is worth around $220.00. Not too bad if you consider that a regular microderm abrasian at the spa can cost an average of $170.00... The wand and abrasian cream costs $76.00 and it gets you many, many uses. I'm going on 6 uses and I've barely put a dent into the cream.

The training day was actually fun. I met a few new friends and got inspired to do well with this business. I know, it sounds silly to be excited about a busines that does home parties, but I have been using the Skinlogics Clear line for 6 weeks now and for the first time in almost a year, I have absolutely no active break-outs on my face. Now with the help from the microderm abrasian set and their renewal creams (part of the repair selections) I will heal up my nasty scars.

I'm excited not only because I actually believe in their products as a user of them, I am excited that their products are just quality. Pure and simple, they're great quality. Orange peel oils, lemon peel oils, grapefruit peel oils, witch hazel extracts, dandelion extracts... Natural, non-damaging, spa-quality goodness. I might be a busy mom, but I spoil myself with spa-quality products on a daily basis ;D

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I'm Doing Fabulous, How Are You?

I've been pretty relaxed since I finished school. I'm spending most of my days writing out resumes and cover letters and applying for jobs here and there. I actually just started applying for jobs yesterday and managed to land an interview which went quite well. I hope that I can get that job since it is with VIHA!

I'm thinking about writing up a resume tips and tricks page... One of the most common questions I've heard from newly graduated nurses is "How I do I get work/write a resume without any experience?" Well, the answer is pretty simple... Write a skills-based resume, not a chronological one. Always write a cover letter - call the place ahead of time and get the name of the person you're aplying to. "To whom it may concern" isn't a very nice way to start a cover letter -- it shows that you haven't put any time into your application and you're there for the job alone, not for the actual facility.

Anywho! I am going to be passing out my applications all day tomorrow, so wish me luck!

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I Love Coffee!

I saw this fabulous webpage on reddit and had to pass it along. It is a wonderfully illustrated page outlining interesting facts about coffee -- its origin, how it works in our bodies, and other interesting things. Find out where the nickname "Cup of Joe" comes from:

The Oatmeal (.com) : Fun Coffee Facts

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Done Like Butter

As of 11:00 PM/2300 last night, I am a Practical Nurse. I'm undecided if I'm licensed or not... I received a registration card from the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of British Columbia which gives me the authority to practice as a licensed practical nurse... LPN or PN, I'm all done with school! Pop open the bubbly.

It was a long hall... Even though it was only 12 months long. 12 months without any breaks sans the winter break. I see why grade schools have summer breaks. by the time you make it to the summer, your brain is fully fried.

The time passed quickly though it seems like I've always been in school. It seems like just yesterday I got the call that a spot opened up for the class I had just recently added my name to for the waiting list. I had two weeks to get ready, which ended up perfect.

I carefully composed my two week notice letter for my boss and handed it in feeling guilty -- I had only been there for 5 months. Then was the subject of parking passes, text books, financing, daycare issues, and so forth. I was so excited to start school that I had everything dealt with by the next two days. Then was the longest wait of my life.

I sat in the classroom for the first month asking the dumbest questions since it had been 7 years since I had sat with a teacher in front of me. This time, I was completely enthralled in all that she was saying. Taking notes that would make little-to-no sense to anyone else. Highlighting full paragraphs in my text books... I definitely won't be able to resell these, but why would I? They are filled with information that I still find interesting.

I think I've invested my time very wisely... I have enjoyed all of my practicums and all of my preceptorship. I've learned life stories I wouldn't have otherwise. I've experienced pain second-hand while administering a PRN morphine subcutaneously. Been up to my elbows in someone else's poop without flinching. Changed pus-filled bandages. I enjoy every second of it without a second thought.

Odd how after the first or second time, poop just becomes another normal part of the job. I don't see changing a brief or helping with a post-toilet clean-up as any different than helping someone brush their hair.

I'm really going to miss rehab. I hope I can land a job on the unit eventually :)

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Chore Chart -- Awesome!

I saw this at Team Wiking's blog and just had to re-blog it to share with you all! It's a cute chore chart that can be downloaded at this website. I like the idea of having your kids help out in any way possible and giving them a sense of reward by seeing their accomplishments in writing (i.e. instead of candy or other tangible rewards... Though 5 ticks = one treat or surprise sounds pretty awesome, too!)

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Feeling Stressed Out? Aww Time

Feeling a little stressed out? Take a look at this super cute puppy. Aww!

I had to share that one, haha

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adjective  "(of a disease) prevalent throughout an entire country, continent, or the whole world; epidemic over a large area."

Are you surprised it doesn't mean wide spread death? h1n1 is currently wide-spread across the globe, so by definition it is a pandemic. It doesn't mean we're all going to die. Whether you want to vaccinate or not is completely up to you. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise :)

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Geeky Christmas

A different kind of floating thermometerOn my old blogs, I always did a yearly Geeky Christmas special blog post filled with geeky goodies that I would love personally as a geek. I share it to give everyone some ideas on what to buy for the geeks in their lives. Posting this well more than a month in advance so if you are so inclined to make online purchases, it will get to you on time. If you are a geek, make yourself a wishlist at my favorite geek store!

The List

Power Plant Herb Garden :: Make your own mini-herb garden with this fool-proof garden. Basil, cilantro, parsley, nom, nom, nom! It is a Desktop hydroponic herb garden that comes with dirt pellets and nutrition for your soon-to-be plants.

Space Invaders Cutting Board :: Oh em gee... Who doesn't remember Space invaders! Heck, I still play it on seedy looking flash-based gaming websites! This cutting board gives a true pixilated feeling with an invader on it. Hand made, if you can believe it.

Why There's Antifreeze in Your Toothpaste :: A great bathroom reader for anyone in your family who's hard to shop for. A book that explains common chemicals found in regular household items.

8-Bit Oven Mit :: Not only does the title rhyme... ha. This 8-bit hand picture is on an oven mitt. I would love to have one of these myself, not going to lie! I might just find a knitting pattern... Make some gloves or something haha

Cat Play Houses :: If I had a cat, I would definitely, definitely have one of these. They are cute and awesome! There is a firetruck, an airplane, and a tank.

I could make this list go on forever, really... Even since my first order from ThinkGeek about 7 years ago, I have been a loyal customer. I love all the things they carry and just wish that they had a Canadian shipping location so that customes wouldn't charge me so darn much... Keep checking back, I'll likely make more Christmas lists for runners/athletes, nurses, etc.

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A Glass of Red Wine a Day

A glass of red wine each day can dramatically decrease your risk of stroke! That said, don't be left without a means of opening your bottle of wine...


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Knitting... Scarf Update

Scarf!I haven't really been working too hard at knitting lately. I've been picking up my scarf project every now and then throughout the week. The pattern is slowly becoming easier to use as I get more and more used to it. It also helps that I printed it off and enlarged the font so that it is much bigger and easier to read.

I am still stuck on the hat pattern for the hat I'm making for my nephews (soon-to-be-4 and 3-years-old). I would really appreciate any links to free or paid patterns that include knitted cars, trucks, or mighty machines! My nephews are hard core into cars and big machines that they won't wear anything that doesn't have either of those items. They're cute little buggers!

I keep getting Google hits for "Nurse Jackie Scarf," which I have seen on the show Nurse Jackie and which I absolutely love and want for myself. If I get most of my Christmas knits done, I will work on a pattern for that scarf... If it turns out well, I will post the pattern up for everyone. If it fails miserably, I'll still wear it proudly hidden-like under my jacket.

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