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Mexico, Day 2

May 16th, 2010...

We woke up fairly early. The sun rises really early here. It was broad daylight at 6:00 AM. We went to La Cascada, the outdoor restaurant at the resort we stayed at. The food there was some of the best food we had during the trip! It was refreshing that a few of the waitresses didn't speak English, because we had learned some Spanish before our trip and we wanted to test it out.

After breakfast, we slathered on the sunscreen... I slathered it on at least every hour while we were out in the sun during the full vacation and my amazingly easy-to-burn skin did not get a sunburn. Be vigilant! We headed back down to the beach -- walking once again. The walk was about 30 minutes, but worth it to avoid the darn taxis.

We went on a Snorkel tour by "Oceanus," which was definitely one of the highlights of the trip for me. The staff is hilarious and entertaining, constantly topping up your cocktails and making the open bar more than worth the money you pay for the trip! They provide life jackets, snorkeling gear, and lots of entertainment (not organized entertainment, just being friendly and funny in general). They took our camera, and I thought "oh crap, we're not allowed to take our own photos..." Then they ushered my hubby beside me and proceeded to take our picture with my camera, haha. Awesome! Thank you guys! 

Anyway, the snorkeling was awesome. They even threw chips into the water to encourage the fish to swim around me, which was amazing. I bought a camera before the trip -- a waterproof one by pentax -- and it was well worth it!

After the snorkel tour, we hung around the Marina for a while then headed on over to the pirate ship cruise -- the Buccaneer Queen. It was entertaining, but I think it would have been better if our daughter was with us, since some of the entertainment seemed more geared towards children. Then again... Another open bar.

We walked home and were absolutely pooped by the end of this day. We stopped by a small market to purchase some food essentials (milk, cereal, etc.) for our hotel room... Oh, and a pair of sunglasses, since I fell on my bum while tipsy in the marina, and one of the lenses of my sunglasses fell off into a pile of large boulders never to be seen again. :(

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Mexico, Day 1

May 15th, 2010... We arrived at the airport near San José del Cabo; a historic town. After fighting our way through the time share vultures, we spotted our driver, whom we can not recommend enough! I highly, highly recommend everyone use Arturo's company for private transportation from and to the airport.

He was incredibly friendly and helped whisk us from the airport straight to the very clean, air-conditioned vehicle for transportation. Beverages, of course, were served in transit. Honestly, we were just a paparazzi away from feeling like celebrities, haha. Very friendly service. If you research him and his company, you will find nothing but amazing reviews. (Not a sponsored post) Please don't wing it and take a taxi from the airport in cabo, because you will get ripped off and possibly even taken to a time share gathering instead of your hotel! Careful. :)

So, the first day we checked into our hotel, slathered on the sunscreen and made our way down to the beach: Playa del Medano/Medano beach. We ate at the Mango Deck. Boo. The food was okay, the entertainment was pretty cheesy (spring break-esque), and the price was far too high for Mexico. This is Mexico, there's no reason for food for two to cost $30.00.

We decided to explore a little after our meal. We walked along the beach, allowing the waves to crash up against us and cool us down. We walked up a hidden path and went past a chain link fenced lot with small sheds and huts all over it. After looking more closely, we found out that it was actually a cemetery. We continued on our walk... Mind you, it was incredibly hot out, and there was no sign of the main road anywhere. We found an opening in the chain link fence as the road came to a dead-end, so we walked towards it. Roosters and chickens crossed our paths as we spot a shed with three kids peaking out of it, watching and giggling at us. Then we see the sign "No entering!"/"Ningún entrar!" Eek! We kept walking to the road and alas! We were on familiar ground. Back to the hotel we went and passed out quite early. 

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Back From Mexico!

So we have returned from our (pre) honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I have to say... It's a darn shame how terribly the USA and Canada promote Mexico as a terrible place with lots of crime. Sure, there is definitely crime in Mexico City, but come on... How many millions of people are crammed into that small space? Anyway, Cabo is a very relaxed place to go if you know what you're doin before you get there. By this, I mean it's important to know about the time shares, the taxi drivers, bartering, the venders, where to eat, and so forth. And for the love of... I couldn't believe my ears when I heard a tourist complaining about them not speaking enough English down there. It's Mexico. They speak Spanish, not English, you dolt... Sorry. That just really ticked me off.

Anyway! I will be going through my written journals and writing up an entry for each day I was there, filled with tips on handling yourself while down there, which activities you must try, and other things of such. If this doesn't interest you, just avoid the entries that will be titled "Mexico: Day x."

Some bad news: my laptop decided to be a butthole before we left. It no longer sees my battery (or the battery of my partner's same model battery) and it enjoys dying every once in  while with no warning. I now have to use it while it is plugged into the wall. If it becomes unplugged, it instantly shuts off. D'oh! I don't want to shell out for a new laptop just yet, though. How did it die? Oh... Probably had something to do with the coffee I spilled on it... Maybe I'll try taking it apart and cleaning off the internal connections and mobo.

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I'm Behind

Been so busy this week packing for our trip to Mexico (leaving Friday), working, doing vet and doctor appointments, and working out last-minute family and beauticontrol details that aside from this hour leading up to my last evening shift before I fly away, my schedule is absolutely full!

Tomorrow, I have a bunch of confirmation phone calls to make, re-printing all my itinerary, copying pages of the passports (per Canada's suggestions), re-packing, and packing my daughter's bags, Dan's birthday dinner with his family and us, and dropping off a delivery.

Whew! And I still haven't finished May's BeautiControl news, or June's running races schedules! I'm bad this month! Next month will be smoother, I'm sure :)

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So Busy and So Lazy

I have been amazingly busy this past week. I intended to do a lot of things, but only managed to get a hundred projects half done. Such as it is!

My original business, which has been on the back burner ever since I transitioned from a stay-at-home-mom to working outside of the home, Loving Baby Ventures is in the midst of a giant overhaul as I prepare it for a relaunch. June 1st, 2010, I intend for it to be relaunched in all its glory. I have the store almost completely ready for launching, but I still need to tweak the design which I originally stopped working on half-way-through. The design on the page right now is... Questionable...

Other than that, we've spent a lot of time packing this week as we prepare for our Mexico getaway, which I originally booked back in December as a surprise for my partner in crime. This is our pre-honeymoon. We may or may not have set a date for a wedding this year... ;)

We also did some gardening and cleaning out of the garage. We've been doing molding in the living room, recycling items we had piled up for months, filling out a few applications, and... Wow. Lots of stuff, actually. I'm surprised we aren't burnt out at this point.


Happy Mother's Day, mommies!  I got woken up to a bowl of mini wheats my daughter poured for me, and a coffee she brewed for me (Tassimo makes that pretty easy for a 3-year-old!) I love this little girl and I have such a hard time imagining that there was once a world where she didn't yet exist.  She is so perfect, so wonderful, so sweet, and kind. Mother's day in this household isn't about me, it's about this wonderful little girl. <3  There are not enough words in the English language for me to explain how much love exudes from such a tiny little girl.

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Nurse Jackie Scarf & Life

So finally, someone made a nurse jackie scarf. Check it out here. She adapted a pattern for a mesh chain scarf and used crocheted flowers to complete the look. If I ever make it through my umpteen projects, I will make myself one of those scarves! I've yet to start on socks for my mom for mother's day... Uh oh! Good thing I have a few days off starting tomorrow! Ha!

I'll likely update the Beauti News tomorrow during my day off. I'll also try to get June's running races up for Vancouver Island.

In other news, my energy has been just drained from me. I have helped a resident through their dying process before. I helped keep them comfortable and stayed with them when their family couldn't. This particular resident is one that I never had the pleasure of working with prior to their palliative order. I still showed a great deal of empathy towards this resident; holding their hand, being as gentle as humanly possible, and just being there. You can tell when a person's body has stopped working, but long before then, you can almost see their presence leaving themselves before that happens.

I'm trying to type this in a way that preserves some privacy, but one of the residents that I just absolutely adore working with is quite suddenly on their death bed. I was their nurse last night and will be the nurse again tonight. This is what has sucked the energy out of me. It's a bit of a blessing to be able to help them through this process and be the person with the power to bring comfort, but at the same time, this is a person I greatly enjoyed working with and will be so very, very sorely missed.

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May, You Came Too Soon!

I'm in shock over it being May already! My goodness... April just zoomed by without much warning.

Being May, that means it's a new month, which means I have some updates to get started on. For this week, please watch for the Vancouver Island Running Races for June 2010 posting, a new knitting pattern selection for Kozy Kaps 4 Kids, and the May 2010 BeautiControl news update.

I'm working day shifts this weekend, then switching back to evening shifts. I'm pretty sure I can say goodbye to all day shifts for a while since our senior LPN will be on summer break from her nursing school -- going for her RN! I don't mind evening shifts too much, so it's not a big loss :P

I worked all through Fire and Ice today, so no walking around the beautiful town of Qualicum Beach for me. I miss that town sometimes!

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