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New Preceptor!

Very, very last minute and with little-to-no warning, an LPN on Rehab agreed to take me on for my preceptorship. Wahoo! My instructor and I were getting quite desperate about finding one.

I had the first shift yesterday. It was a very relaxed environment, but it was also quite slow. Tonight, I'll be bringing some nursing books to keep me occupied for the shift in between doing our tasks.

I'm pretty darn upset, though. The schedule that I have is rock solid -- I need every hour that I have been given, but those hours include Halloween evening/night. I'm really torn about this. I've been getting my daughter all amped up for Halloween since I was getting the night off on my previous schedule. This is the first year that she's actually excited about Halloween and I missed Halloween last year because of a wind storm: she was visiting her grandma in a town an hour away across a long strip of highway known for its absolutely brutal driving conditions in wind storms. Just ask my mom - she flipped an SUV on that same highway during a wind storm.

She's going to be a raccoon, dang it! A part of me will wither away if I miss this Halloween. This is school, not a job.

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No Preceptor!

I managed to work 3 12 hour shifts this week... The last one was a night shift. I decided with my teacher to not return for tonight's 12 hour shift because it wasn't realy being beneficial to me. My preceptor, whom I've never met, will not be returning for another few weeks :( Poor girl!

My instructor is working hard to find me a last minute preceptor in the hospital, but I will be okay with a long term care facility... Just so long as I get my experience in, I'll be a happy camper.

Quick note to self: no matter how tired you are... Pack a good lunch. Avoid packing "quick," processed foods. If makes you feel really bad! haha  I feel pretty nauseous coming off that night shift. There was a pot luck  among the staff - lots of junk food was splayed out in the office. I tried to avoid it... Oh, how I tried to avoid it. Pies, chocolate triffles, sherry triffles... Oh, the temptations.

Oh how sick I feel now.

Half-way through my last day shift, I think they switched the soap in the dispenser (which was empty half-way through the shift, i should note). My hands were red and burning with each handwash for the last 1.5 shifts. Kind of sucked, not going to lie! No matter... I fixed it with my Sugar Cookie Show of Hands Instant Manicure from BeautiControl. I swear I'm not trying to toot their own, but I am in love with each of their products. Followed up the instant manicure with the Regeneration Extreme Hand Repair cream. So smooth :D

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12 Hours is Kinda Hard

I worked my first 12 hour shift -- ever! It wasn't too bad. My feet certainly hurt right now, but it was still good. I didn't have an actual preceptor with me since mine is off on worker's compensation for a work-injury, though she should be back within 3-4 days... Hopefully.

I was paired up with an LPN who was a casual to that floor. She was pretty darn good. I hadn't yet seen a working nurse with such good asepsis practice, thurough assessments, and good patient-centered care. She did things, small things that nurses tend to cut corners on, such as putting on slippers before a person's foot hits the ground... Did you know that the hospital floor is considered the dirtiest place in the whole building? Before, I never cringed at seeing people running around barefoot or in socks, but now I certainly do. There has been blood, urine, feces, probably even pus or other drainage on the floor. Sure, they disinfect it, but by no means are the poo molecules fully picked up in the disinfection process.

Congratulations on the disinfected poop on your socks :D

I was at least given the opportunity to give some medications, which included a subcutaneous injection (yay). The nurse also let me "take the team" which was only 4 very stable patients. In the end, I'm pretty sure she did more work even though I "had the team (of patients)." There are some things that she thought to do long before it ever began to cross into my mind. I'm hoping I'll be able to do that with experience and I'm sure it will come.

Vaguest post ever. That's what happens after 12 hours -- what can I say? ha

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Starting Preceptorship

I sit here, writing this in bed as I try to fall asleep early in order to get enough sleep to keep me energized for my first 12 hour shift tomorrow. I wonder how this will work out! I will not see my daughter much at all tomorrow since I will be gone before she gets out of bed and by the time I get back home, it will be past her bedtime. On the lighter side, we have agreed to extend her bedtime by an hour so that I can tuck her in and read her a bedtime story like I normally do. Yay! I enjoy story time the most <3

I got my Skinlogics Clear set today and used it for the first time tonight... I was pretty darn excited to try it and I definitely wasn't let down! My skin feels just ridiculously soft and clean right now. I can't wait to see how well it works against the gnarly acne I have right now.

Being an adult with acne sucks. I mentioned it before, but I have adult onset nodular acne. This means that my blemishes are underneath the surface of my skin. You won't see any 'white' tips -- these breakouts are not at the surface and it's rare that they actually push through the surface enough to be seen. It's a little embarassing, but I try to not think about it.

I have a doctor's appointment in two weeks so we shall see how this BeautiControl product works from now until then! If all goes well, then I can cancel the appointment ;)

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