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Done Like Butta

Done. I am done! Done practicum that is. The very last practicum of this course! Now I am off for a few days until my preceptorship starts. I am very excited to get started on that! I'm just absolutely shocked at how quickly this praticum passed. I'm also pretty amazed at how far I've come.

I started off a little on the shy side with my patients... I was a little uneasy ever interrupting them to be able to finish my assessments. I was uneasy putting my foot down at all. In essence, I wasn't overly confident. I didn't come off confident. By the end of the practicum, I charged down the hall knowing exactly what my plan of action was. I talked openly to patients no matter how new they were to me. I was able to finish assessments in completeness, no matter how many interruptions there were.

I almost feel like a new person coming out of this. I see myself more able to "Sell myself" when needed. Alright, I'm coming off a little cocky here, which I'm not. Just sayin'  :P

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Practicum is Going Well

I can't believe it. I only have 6 days left of practicum! I get to go to maternity tomorrow... I have my fingers crossed for seeing a vaginal delivery. A c-section would be awesome to watch, but I'd prefer to see a mom go through a delivery she has planned for. Unless it's a planned C-section... Obviously :D

I was on the pediatric floor on Sunday, but there wasn't a whole lot that happened there. I got to freak out a mom by gearing up for droplet precautions (booties, bonnet, face mask with an eye shield, gown, and gloves). Apparently, the "droplet precaution" sign at her door was there just for safety measures. The little kid actually didn't have anything that warranted droplet precautions to be taken. Sorry, mom! Didn't mean to scare you like that, haha. Luckily, the little kid didn't mind one bit.

I'm on a medical-surgical floor now, which is nice. I had a very pleasant patient today. Aside from a few organizational issues due to being on the floor for the very first time, my day went very well. I got a few new skills in and I'm pretty satisfied with the quality of work I did on and for my patient.

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