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Orientation Complete

Orientation went well. There isn't really a lot to say about it. We toured a few floors and went over some ground rules. My group was fortunate enough to be assigned our own patients for tomorrow. Some groups are just shadowing staff this week.

I'm excited to see how it all goes tomorrow! I'm not too sure what to expect... Our last practicum was quite different from this one! Our instructor is split across two floors, so she won't always be there for us and there is a high expectation that we work with the staff. That means that a good deal of our experience will depend on the staff actually wanting us there. We better make ourselves super useful tomorrow!

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Mom and AThere's nothing I love more than when my daughter wakes up before I have to leave in the mornings. This is one of the reasons why I love orientation days: they always start in the later morning.

I actually took the time to take some pictures... I try to take pictures of my daughter and I whenever I get the chance. It's amazing how seldom a mom and her children are photographed together by other people, so I took the initiative to take pictures of us together. Next time, perhaps I wil wear makeup... haha

I'm pretty darn excited to start orientation today! This will be my very first experience with working in a hospital setting. I say "working", but really it's unpaid work/learning. Weee!

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