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Wound Care Courses and LPNs

I am very interested in getting into wound care, but due to my experience with some RNs and the general attitude towards LPNs, I'm almost determined to not become an RN... At least not for a long time. It bugs me that people still fail to realize that RNs and LPNs are not stages of nurses. They are two completely separate nursing types with two different scopes of practice... They should not be compared to one another. One is not lesser than the other.

Uh... Back to my point! I would love to invest myself into wound management as an LPN. There are a few courses I will be qualified to take once I am finished my schooling. Have any LPNs found that courses on specialties like wound care management make them more appealing to employers at all? Is it a worthy investment, or should I just focus on getting all the practical experience I can get and look into courses further down the road?

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