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IUDs and Things of Such

I'll be blunt. I have no qualms talking about personal things like this. I like sharing my own experiences because there's always that off chance that someone can benefit from it.

I went to the Ocean View Women's Clinic for a consult of an IUD. I've been debating an IUD a lot as a method of birth control. The pill gives me a headache, nausea, and severe mood swings: I dip into depression for a week each month on average. Severe depression that keeps me bound in bed until I absolutely cannot stay in bed any longer.

The consult consisted of a discussion about the IUDs. Pros and cons of both types that are offered in Canada -- the hormonal one and the copper one. It also involved a manditory test for certain STDs, even though I've been in a monogamous relationshp for four years. This is an understandable prerequirement, so don't get put off if your doctor starts off off by saying you need an STD check, haha!  After that, there was a fiar amount of crampy feeling as they measure the depth of the uterus. I know. It's about as wonderful as it sounds.

I was given an "Either/or" prescription for both IUDs so that I can think about it before deciding on which type I would for sure like.

The staff at this clinic are AWESOME. Very friendly and informative!

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