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I Am Silent

Tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. That makes tomorrow a day where many people world-wide are choosing to remain completely silent for a full 24 hours. Normally, I would jump at the chance to do this, however, I am currently on the job hunt and am awaiting a few important phone calls tomorrow... Maybe I'll post-pone the event for myself.

So what is it about? By not talking, texting, typing, writing, etc. for 24 hours, we send our thoughts out to children world-wide who have no one speaking for them. Whom have no voice of their own. Take the day to research children's rights across the globe. See what you really know about children's issues and find out what you should know.

Take the vow, yourself.

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Kiddy Boots... Wow!

My daughter decided to go through a growth spurt, so we headed down to the mall to grab her some new jeans, some shirts, socks, undies, and winter boots. The jeans were 2 for $30... Not too bad, considering that their adjustable waist and their length being about 4 inches too long means that she will be wearing them for at least a year.

We went in to Payless Shoes Store... I love that store, I really do. It's not them I'm frustrated with, it's the people that made the boots I fell in love with! My daughter had snatched up a pair of Disney Princess ugg-style boots which had a picture of a crown on it and had flashing lights above the crown. She absolutely loved them. I was super thrilled ot have instantly found a pair of boots for her... Then I pulled out the price tag: $44.99  Holy cripes! I paid $25 for my Airwalk ugg rip-offs last winter. How could her boots be that much more expensive? Not a chance in heck was this starving student going to fork out that much, though I really wanted to buy them for my daughter. They were so cute!

As it turned out, those were the cheapest boots in the store, so we ended up not buying her any boots, but we did take advantage of the buy one, get one half-off event and got her some normal shoes to truck around in... Only because her Dora shoes (hand-me-downs from her now 8-year-old aunt) had broken while in that store. Talk about good luck... Maybe bad luck? haha

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