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BeautiU Training Day

I attended the BeautiU training day on Saturday last week. I didn't feel like going because it was Saturday! I went anyway, though... One of the awesome things about signing up as a consultant is you get 200 some-odd-dollars worth of merchendise for $150 (regularely), though they had a promotion on so I only paid $100.00 which was fine with me. The product I wanted to order was close enough to $100 that buying in as a consultant seemed like a good idea. It's actually turned out to be a great idea!

The $150 BeautiCase which contains an instant manicure ($34), a Skinlogics facial maintenance set (around $100, depending on which one you select), a BeautiControl bag (I'd guess a $55 retail), various promotion material for me to use as a consultant (spatulas for samples, demo stickers, catalogs, order sheets, product guide, consultant agreement forms, etc. All worth $30-40 when added together... Lots and lots of printed material), and a Spa Green Tea Warming Masque ($34).

Now... That's only part one. Part two of the BeautiCase is given free so long as you attend the free BeautiU training day. This part includes the full instant face lift set: facial buffering wand, microderm abrasian (cream), multi-acid face peel (natural acids as opposed to chemicals), rejuvinating eye serum, and a rejuvinating facial serum. It also includes some extra goodies to help the business along such as facial powder colour selection cards so that we can match our client skin tones to our products.  The kit is worth around $220.00. Not too bad if you consider that a regular microderm abrasian at the spa can cost an average of $170.00... The wand and abrasian cream costs $76.00 and it gets you many, many uses. I'm going on 6 uses and I've barely put a dent into the cream.

The training day was actually fun. I met a few new friends and got inspired to do well with this business. I know, it sounds silly to be excited about a busines that does home parties, but I have been using the Skinlogics Clear line for 6 weeks now and for the first time in almost a year, I have absolutely no active break-outs on my face. Now with the help from the microderm abrasian set and their renewal creams (part of the repair selections) I will heal up my nasty scars.

I'm excited not only because I actually believe in their products as a user of them, I am excited that their products are just quality. Pure and simple, they're great quality. Orange peel oils, lemon peel oils, grapefruit peel oils, witch hazel extracts, dandelion extracts... Natural, non-damaging, spa-quality goodness. I might be a busy mom, but I spoil myself with spa-quality products on a daily basis ;D

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Starting Preceptorship

I sit here, writing this in bed as I try to fall asleep early in order to get enough sleep to keep me energized for my first 12 hour shift tomorrow. I wonder how this will work out! I will not see my daughter much at all tomorrow since I will be gone before she gets out of bed and by the time I get back home, it will be past her bedtime. On the lighter side, we have agreed to extend her bedtime by an hour so that I can tuck her in and read her a bedtime story like I normally do. Yay! I enjoy story time the most <3

I got my Skinlogics Clear set today and used it for the first time tonight... I was pretty darn excited to try it and I definitely wasn't let down! My skin feels just ridiculously soft and clean right now. I can't wait to see how well it works against the gnarly acne I have right now.

Being an adult with acne sucks. I mentioned it before, but I have adult onset nodular acne. This means that my blemishes are underneath the surface of my skin. You won't see any 'white' tips -- these breakouts are not at the surface and it's rare that they actually push through the surface enough to be seen. It's a little embarassing, but I try to not think about it.

I have a doctor's appointment in two weeks so we shall see how this BeautiControl product works from now until then! If all goes well, then I can cancel the appointment ;)

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