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Breakfast Cookies You Must Try!

WOW! Maybe adding the recipe will help you out. haha, woops. Here's the recipe for Hearty Breakfast Cookies  :)


I'm really sorry if you're allergic to peanuts! I've been making all kinds of peanut butter based cookies lately. I made these breakfast cookies last week and they were just delicious. I cut down on the sugar, of course... No one needs that much sugar :P

They are filling and have a really good balance of flavors so that there's no overload of sweetness or peanut butter.

Give them a try :D

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Knitting and Baking... Wait, How Old Am I?

Oh my gosh... I can't move. I am never, ever baking these cookies again. I made enough cookies to completely fill a giant freezer bag and it lasted my family and I barely 24 hours. I hate to admit it, but I probably ate 95% of them. They were so good. Never making them again.

I spent today scrubbing my car until it sparkled inside and out. There was a lot of sap on it, so my arms are quite sore from the elbow grease that was required. Darn white cars. I have a few new job applications to hand out despite my having 17 shifts next month. As much as I enjoy my job, working on a dementia unit is incredibly hard and demanding. I need a balance of normalcy in my work life.

That said, I'm trying to get back into knitting as much as possible. I want to finish the sweater I started and then forgot about in December/January. I'd like to be able to have it finished so that I can start a new one for my daughter for her birthday, which is coming up in June.

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