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Hyperemesis Gravidarum

There is a lot of misinformation around the Internet surrounding hyperemesis gravidarum. First, let's look at the name, "Hyperemesis" simply relates to excessive vomiting. Hyperemesis is common with flus, food poisoning and so forth. Rarely, it is associated with pregnancy: Gravidarum. It is a fairly rare condition of pregnancy which puts the mother and the baby's life at risk if it is not well managed. 

Some sites say that if you lose 5-10 lbs in the first trimester, this is a sign of HG. Unless you are borderline underweight before you became pregnancy, this is not the case for everyone. We prefer to use percentages of body weight instead: 10-15% of body weight. For a 120 lbs person, that would be 6-12 lbs. 

HG is easy to distinguish between morning sickness, because of the inability to keep anything down without medical intervention. This means all foods, all water, all juices, all drinks, all medications -- everything. 

HG is not very well understood in society, so there's a bit of a stigma that goes with a woman suffering from it. People assume she's milking her morning sickness or playing up her symptoms, when in reality she is not able to hydrate or nourish herself and her body begins to waste away until medical intervention occurs. For me, that meant an IV with 2 L of normal saline and a few shots of gravol. Immediately after, I was started on diclectin which kept vomiting to a minimum, but eating was still a challenge as nothing is appealing. In fact, most things repulse you, but you force yourself to eat anyway and risk the chance of throwing it back up.

There's something.... Interesting about eating and drinking knowing full well that it's just going to force itself back up, anyway. 

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Celiac Disease and Gluten Free...

A few people in my husband's family have recently been diagnosed with Celiac disease and/or an associated gluten intolerance. If you visit the stores nowadays, you'll notice that there are  a lot of options for going gluten free... It's actually pretty amazing. Growing up, I didn't even know there was an option to go gluten free. Heck, growing up I didn't even know what the heck gluten was. 

Cutting a lot of favourites out of your diet can be really hard to do, especially if you live with others whom are not adapting to the same diet as you.. Uhg, reminds me of the time I tried to go vegan and no one in my family supported me. 

Back to the point, if you are trying to go Free From Gluten, it is pretty darn hard to do it without planning ahead. A great way to plan is to simply google for "gluten free" recipes and then write a list of items you'll need. It'll take time to revamp your cupboards, but it's amazing how good you will feel after it's all said and done. 

A new store has opened up based online which will make the transition that much easier. I'm an online shopping junky... It's a good thing I don't know where my mastercard is! (easy to remember, no?) has such a huge array of foods that you'll barely even notice that you've gone gluten free, aside from the massive health benefits. They have cookies, chips, snacks, cereals, pasta, and other very important staples ;) 

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New site? Perhaps

I've started a new blog, because that's what I tend to do! I get bored of blogging on certain topics pretty quick... Especially if the visitor base is pretty limited. Also, I wanted to move away from Viviti, simply because I wanted more options for my website. 

I'm now mostly concentrating on a site I call Twenty One Days. If you follow me on twitter, you'll notice I link it a lot. 

You probably noticed I failed royally at putting up the race schedules I had promised! I have not been permitted to run for a few months now. Mostly because of the baby virus I have contracted. This particular virus causes me to throw up sometimes more than once per hour in a day, disallowing me to drink something as simple as water or eat anything without being on medication. Ahh, medical science! 

You've probably heard of morning sickness, which I had with my first (to term) pregnancy with my daughter. Go hungry, throw up, eat, be fine. Some food aversions, but what I'm suffering from right now is called hyperemesis gravidarum and it is like morning sickness on crack. Uncontrolled, it can lead to hospitalization  (already had a lovely trip to the ER once for moderate dehydration), loss of the baby, and even maternal death (likely due to dehydration). 

Fortunately, I have been mostly able to control the vomiting. My current issue is being able to eat enough food and drink enough fluids... Water doesn't sit well in my stomach and will make me very nauseous, so I try to stick to thickened fluids in the form of yogurts, smoothies, or even thicker juices.  

If I smell food, I will likely develop an instant aversion to it and will literally gag and potentially dry heave until I throw up if I try to force myself to eat it. 

I have had HG for 6 weeks now and it doesn't seem to be letting up. My doctor seems to think it will go away in the second trimester, but if my first pregnancy has taught me anything, it is that I SUCK at hormones. haha I threw up with my daughter right up until I went into labor. Second trimester my butt... :D 

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Gifts For Runners

These posts are probably bias towards my own personal wants, but best to share to give others some ideas! 

Gifts for runners... Pretty much everything running-related is expensive. Even the socks are expensive... Ick! That said, I present to you an unordered list:

  • Running socks. These are wicking socks, sometimes with extra support. 
  • Compression socks: Usually knee-high socks with extra support for runners.
  • Running shoes... Include a gift receipt! Runners are super picky, but it is the thought that counts :)
  • Running skirts for the ladies (,
  • Athletic shirts and/or sports bra tops. 
  • Running leggings. (CW-X makes *awesome* leggings, but cost a very pretty penny.)
  • Rehydration and/or fuel belt.
  • iPod, Shuffle, or other music stuffs.
  • Headphones (go cheap).
  • Vaseline and/or Body Glide.
  • Garmin watch (oh how I wish I had one of these babies!)
  • Subscription to a running magazine. 

This is just a start created from the top of my head while I sit here with my morning coffee. Nom, nom, nom. 

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Christmas Gifts for Nurses

Nurses are actually pretty easy to shop for... I think.  Regardless of your budget, too! 

Let's start off with small gifts:

  • Pens. Black pens for day and evening shift workers, red pens for night shifters. They don't have to be expensive pens at all; just having a pen that works is good. We're always losing pens. 
  • Watches. Make sure there is a second hand that is easily readable for when we have to count pulses or respirations.
  • Travel coffee or tea mug.
  • Foot pampering products... Lotions, foot soaks, cooling sprays, pedicure gift certificates. 

Medium gifts:

  • Compression stockings. They help prevent varicose veins, sore muscles, and so forth. They're awesome to have, but are a bit expensive to shell out for, ergo they are a perfect gift. 
  • Scrub jackets. 


Big gifts:

  • Foot spa... Tread carefully here. I'll be blunt, if it's under one hundred bucks, it's probably a bad foot spa. If it says "heated water," it's probably lying unless it is a Helen of Try foot spa. I shelled out a pretty penny (a little less than $200 after S&H) for this foot spa, but it was so worth it! 
  • Shoes. Obviously!  Do not get crocs as they are a sure way to lose any worker's compensation battles should you hurt yourself while on the job wearing these shoes. Runners that are closed (i.e. no mesh parts or open areas) and white are generally accepted in most work places in BC. 
  • Portable DVD player for a night shift worker :P  
  • Sleep Tracker watch. These are a little expensive, but are certainly worth it, especially if your nurse is a shift worker that works days, evenings, and/or nights. 

That's just a quick brain storm for you to start with! :D

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Oops... Have to stop overworking myself...

I'm boring lately, I know! Last weekend, I ended up taking two night shifts in the middle of 5 evening shifts. Luckily, I took one of the days off: Halloween, of course. So over 4 work days, I did 6 shifts o.O   I was surprisingly not pooped out until my day off, when I slept until 4:30 PM. Good times, good times. 

My nursing class had a reunion on Thursday where we just caught up on our lives over the past year. It was awesome! I loved seeing those that showed up and talking about our nursing experiences thus far. 

Coincidentally, it was at the same bar around the same time as the Outdoor Vancouver Island meetup so I went up there for a while and essentially hogged the Snow baby. She's 6 days old and is very cute! Very adorable baby and the parents are just awesome.

I'm off to Comox today for a surprise birthday party, then tomorrow is a day of shopping in Nanaimo with our gift cards from the wedding... Then I work Monday to Friday during which I anticipate the house getting super messy and sloppy! 

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Getting Back Into Running


Nike LivestrongAlright, so I've been slacking... Massively. I haven't had a good run in months! I'm getting back into the swing of it all since I indulged in some new minimalistic shoes from Nike's Live Strong collection. This post is mostly about the shoes... I figure they're pretty expensive, so some of you might want to see at least one real user review before making the dive.

I forget what the model name is for the new kicks and I'm far too lazy to check, but they feel like wearing slippers. They fit my foot like a sock - tight in a comfortable way. The tongue of the shoe is not an independent piece as with most shoes, which is amazing. No chaffing from a tongue that keeps moving. I only really need to tie up the laces for aesthetics and so I don't trip myself. That's how well these shoes are made to fit.


The sole of the shoes are flexible. Unlike most other shoes, they are not flexible because of the rubber, they are flexible due to the "jointed" nature of them (see picture). This is awesome as it allows my foot to move around as it would naturally, while the insole provides a little arch support which my 100% flat arches desperately need. The only downside of this feature is one of the joints happes to be located at the tip of my "pinky" toe. This creates an intermittent pressure on my little toes as I go through a running stride. If the joint was a little higher, it would be a perfect shoe. 

I can't run very far now that I am fully out of shape, but when I do get back in shape, I'll have to test these buggers out on a distance run. My guess is I'll end up with bloody toes. 

The runner's high is worth it... D:

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Some of This, Some of That

I woke up feeling a little sick today... boo! Of course, it happens the day after our house guest leaves and we get the house back to ourselves. If you get uncomfortable reading personal stories, don't read this entry - we went through a loss (two losses, actually) and this is the story... 

I'm still on tilt a bit with whacky hormones and mental exhaustion. Now that I've told all our loved ones and what-not, I guess I can go into more detail as to why I've been MIA. We had planned another baby and got pregnant in August. We were excited as heck and told our parents early... We also told a few other people, mostly just because I really hate lying about things ("Why aren't you drinking?" "Why can't you go in the hottub?") Anyway, we lost the pregnancy in the beginning of this month. Sucked enough as it were, but then we found out it wasn't just one baby, it was two! So amongst dealing with that, I ended up hemorrhaging and being admitted to the hospital. That isn't a normal part of a miscarriage if you were wondering! So that sucked. Ended up having to take time off work and scared the crap out of myself and my husband. 

My daughter was pretty awesome, though! While we were waiting for the ambulance while I hemorrhaged, my daughter asked me why I was crying. I told her I was scared. She said something along the lines of "Mommy, you don't have to be scared. See? I'll turn on the light and then you won't have to be scared anymore!"  Kids make almost everything more bearable. I love that girl. 

So, that's my story. Among that, we had a cancer scare, multiple CT scans and hospital trips for hubby, a wedding to plan, and random bills that I'm pretty sure the universe just kind of pulled out of its butt just to test us. October has always been a month shadowed by terrible news and terrible occurrences. 

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Just a quick update to let you all know that I am finally a married woman! Wahoo! 

Been very busy still... It seems that my schedule just won't stop being full. With my health issues out of the way and my hospital trips done with for now, my husband is now on the agenda for his health issues. Thus far, he has had a bone scan and two CT scans this month. Hoping to find out results of the latter CT scan on Monday. After that, I hope that there aren't any other follow ups needed... 

Hoping to get back into the swing of things soon enough. :) 

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Busy Bee, Oh My!

I've been so unbelievably busy the past few weeks. I'm having a hard time understanding what day it is. I have one more shift this evening at a residential care home, then I am off for a week as I prepare the final touches for my wedding on Wednesday. I also have to go back and forth to the hospital tomorrow and Monday for my hubby-to-be as he is getting a CT scan of his femur and a bone scan. Fingers crossed for good news... Those that know us well know that we have been having a very bad month thus far -- started off with a loss, me being in and out of the hospital, unexpected government bills, bed rest, loss of income due to needing to take a block of shifts off, and unexpected news in regards to hubby's health. Uhg! 

I'm so glad I have the wedding to focus on and the fact that my amazing friend in Victoria managed to help me get a Maggie S. dress for a reasonable price. I'll have to give her website/bridal shop a nice link in my nav bar. Her shop is amazing! 

Pictures will certainly accompany the post wedding update :) 

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I'm Still Alive...

In and out of hospital last week, recovering, and sitting in a funk... I'll be back soon :)

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Child Car Seat Safety

It's obvious I don't spend enough time researching car seat safety information. In fact, I haven't read anything about car seats since I changed my daughter from rear facing to forward facing 2.5 years ago. I just finished reading an article on titled "9 Lifesaving Car Seat Rules You're Probably Ignoring" and I found that they were mostly right...

My Mistakes

When my daughter was a youngin', rear facing car seats were to 1 year of age or 30 lbs. I kept my daughter rear-facing for 1.5 years, thinking it was the more responsible choice... Thing is, she just barely hits the 30 lbs mark right now! Eegads! That's scary. 

Straps are no longer determined to be tight enough by placing two fingers under the strap; Now they must pass the "pinch test." Pinch the straps -- if you can do so, then the straps are too loose. 

This one makes me feel like a total idiot, but no coats! This line from the article made me cry a little, I'm not ashamed to say, "A cop reports seeing a coat strapped into a seat, even after the child who had been wearing it flew out of it." God damn. Snuggies for everyone! 


Car seats have always freaked me out. I'm the only mom I know that reefs the heck out of the seat when installing it in the car. I break a good sweat and secure that sucker in so hard that it doesn't move a darn inch when you reef on it. I have a hissy fit if anyone drives my kid around with a loosely installed car seat... I might be a snob, but as I've said, car seats freak me out! 

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Vancouver Island Races for September

Wahoo! Finally. She does it and it is complete : May I present to you the fresh off my fingertips race schedule?

September 2010 Vancouver Island Running Races

Date  Location   Race Name  Distance  Race Website
1stRegistration Opens2011 Frontrunners Island Race SeriesN/AVIRA Online Registration
5thNanaimoCHECK NEW's Harbor City Half5 KmRegister Online
 5thVictoria Juan de Fuca Duathlon Multi Duathlon 
12thComox ValleyCVRR Memorial RaceMultiOnline Website
12thNanaimoNanaimo Daily News/Harbor City Half 21 KmHarbor City Half
18thLake CowichanGreat Lake Walk and Ultramarathon56 KmRegister Online
18thNanaimoRun For the Mountain 6 Km6 KmRegister Online
19thParksvilleTerry Fox Run - Rathtrevor Beach3-10
25thCumberlandMind over Mountain50 KmMind Over Mountain site
26thCampbell RiverCash Store Financial's Freedom Run 3 & 5 KmRegister Online
 26thVictoriaCash Stor Financial's Freedom Run 3 & 5 Km Register Online 
26thVictoriaEsquimalt 5K Race Walk & Fun Walk5 KmRegister Online
28th NanaimoRun/Walk for Family  5 & 10 KmRegister Online

As always, if I have missed something, just let me know and I will update the list.

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Tofino Surfing Trip

If you're from the Island, no doubt you've heard of Tofino or Ucluelet. Labour day weekend, a group of friends stayed at a placed called  Norah House and oh my goodness!! This house is beautiful... Absolutely amazing. They even let us take our little puppy inside the house without much more than a tiny pet deposit. 

Anyway, I tried surfing for the first time. I was really caught off guard by how much upper body strength it takes. You essentially do countless push ups as you "pop up" from the board to try and stand up. I'm proud to say that I managed to catch a few waves on my very first surfing excursion and a few more the day afterward. The day after that... I was way too sore to even try. haha  Plus, I had to work that evening ;)

I can't wait to go back, but it won't be for a while. That weekend put me back quite a bit since I had to book a few days off from work and renting the board and wet suit put me back a wee penny. 

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Believe it or not...

I'm actually working on a list of September island race schedules. Just stay with me here! Little busy tidying up the house, planning a wedding, looking after my little girl, our puppy, visiting my mom, and tomorrow... Surfing! Wish me luck... 

My lovely significant other told me a story of a girl (who will be coming to the cottage with us tomorrow -- group event) who gashed the heck out of her leg because she grabbed onto her board while bailing from a wave. Apparently, the fin of the board sliced her open right down to expose an artery in her leg. Luckily, she didn't open the artery. Yeah. Great story to tell me before I go surfing for the first time. Thanks, SO. Thanks. D:

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Life Gets Busy

I have been picking up extra shifts like made and have been so overly busy, I am behind on many things. House work, knitting, and this poor, poor website all included. Our daycare has been closed for a week now, prior to that, my daughter was sick, and the daycare is closed all next week as well. That said, I have spent a lot of time with my daughter, which is awesome. She's always noticeably happier when I'm home, which makes me feel like crap when I have to go into work. Especially when she busts out with the "But mommy, I don't want you to go to work, I want you to stay here with me!" 

Pull at my heart strings, why don't ya?

Anyway, I will get to work on posting Vancouver Island Races for August (the remaining ones, woops...) And September. Stay posted :P 


PS. Congratulations, Wayne and Katherine on your beautiful wedding yesterday! Just have to edit those pictures and send them your way :)

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In Search Of... One Cute Sweater Pattern : 5 yr Size

I am looking for knitting pattern for a sweater. I'm wanting to finish my first sweater up ASAP so I can start on a sweater for my daughter. I already have the yarn -- fingering weight (to be doubled up) and I have pretty much every size of needles. So if anyone knows of a pattern that includes a size 5 that uses fingering weight yarn, please let me know! 

I still have to finish that crochet blanket I started nearly a year ago for my dad... Oh well! I have 6 inches of it done so far... haha! 

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Coffee is My Love

Contigo Travel mugsRandom, but I love coffee... Lots of people do. After my CuisineArt drip coffee maker was destroyed by grain mites (note to all: ensure that your dog treats bags have been sealed fully, otherwise you will wake up with one heck of a surprise!) I went out and purchased a coffee press for $14.99. It makes really, really good coffee! I highly recommend presses if you are the only coffee drinker in our house. It takes about 5 minutes to make one cup of coffee and it requires very little electricity. 

Aside from that, I have fallen in love with Contigo coffee mugs. I picked up a pack of two at costco. They're vacuum sealed stainless steel travel mugs that are virtually spill proof! It's like an adult sippy cup... I love it! Check them out here.

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BeautiControl - Book Now!

Heads up! I only have one date left for this month - July 26th. Book your spa now or forever hold your peace until mid-August. Contact me now to book this date for your own BeautiControl spa (currently featuring pedicure treatments, skin detox, facials, and instant facelifts). I serve the Port Alberni, Comox Valley, Nanaimo, and Parksville/Qualicum Beach area. All ages welcome! 

You get free gifts for hosting the spa and you and your guests get free spa treatments. Win-win! 

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Vancouver Island Running Races in July 2010

July 2010 Vancouver Island Running Races. Check back monthly for updated racing schedules. Sorry I missed the month of June!

Date  Location   Race Name  Distance  Race or Organization Website
11thChemainus, BCCowichan Challenge TriathalonMultiRunning Room Registration
11thEsquimalt Rec CenterTriathalon of CompassionMultiOnline Registration 
11thMt. Douglas, VictoriaGut Buster's Trail Running Series6 & 11 KmGut Busters
17thVictoriaThe Q's Victoria Track Series
 3 Km The Q's
17thVictoria, BCThe Full Monty by Club Fat Ass25-50 KmClub Fat Ass 
25thEsquimalt Rec CenterEsquimalt 8 K / The Zone8 KmOnline Registration 
30thVictoriaThe Q's Victoria Track Series800 m The Q's

Am I missing something? Leave a comment to let me know and I will add it, no matter how small or large the event is!

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