Beauti Control

Last night, I hosted a Beauti control party. This is the second Beauti Control party I had been to and finally decided it was time to become a Beauti control consultant. I always enjoy the Spa Parties and think they're super fun. I also love the products they have and figured it'd be a nice excuse to host more parties.

I also ordered their acne line... Even though I have one week left of the oil cleansing method, I am throwing in the towel. I'll post specifically on the OCM later on. I'm excited to try out their acne line, though I won't receive it for a few weeks.

As a gift for hosting the spa, I received a warm/cold neck wrap, a warming face mask/wash, and a detox kit. The detox kit is for your skin, not your "internals." The detox kit is a trial size and includes enough product for three nights. The kit has a detoxifying bath soak, detoxifying clay masque, detoxifying body cream, detoxifying foot cream, and three bags of herbal tea for further relaxing.

Can't wait to start that skin detox! Lord knows I need it, haha

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