Tofino Surfing Trip

If you're from the Island, no doubt you've heard of Tofino or Ucluelet. Labour day weekend, a group of friends stayed at a placed called  Norah House and oh my goodness!! This house is beautiful... Absolutely amazing. They even let us take our little puppy inside the house without much more than a tiny pet deposit. 

Anyway, I tried surfing for the first time. I was really caught off guard by how much upper body strength it takes. You essentially do countless push ups as you "pop up" from the board to try and stand up. I'm proud to say that I managed to catch a few waves on my very first surfing excursion and a few more the day afterward. The day after that... I was way too sore to even try. haha  Plus, I had to work that evening ;)

I can't wait to go back, but it won't be for a while. That weekend put me back quite a bit since I had to book a few days off from work and renting the board and wet suit put me back a wee penny. 

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