Quick Post: Heparin

A quick post to ask a question to those of you whom are familiar with injections. In school, we were taught to use an air lock with subcutaneous injections of heparin (and any other anticoagulation that might be gven s/c). I forget if the dalteparin shots I gave included an airlock in it alreadyor not... Can't find any literature saying if it has one or not. Edit: Looked today before I gave a couple of dalteparins and they did, indeed, have airlocks in them. Guess that answers my question!

Anyway... The person I was "preceptoring" with the other night got very weirded out when I asked her if she used an airlock with her heparins. I then asked her if she'd be okay with me using one since that is what I was taught to do (to prevent bruising) and she said no. Fair enough, it's her lisence I'm working under so I did what she was comfortable with.

So, the question is Do you use an airlock in heparin or other anticoagulation injections that are s/c?

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