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If you work in a location that does not have a union, just remember that British Columbia has laws to cover your buttocks. Please see the BCLaws website:

Click here for the massive webpage outlining laws for BC employers.

Your time is valuable and you are entitled to certain pays, even if you are "casual," or "part time," rather than a full time employee. Assuming you do not have an agreement with your employer that states otherwise, you are entitled to time and a half for any hours you've worked over 40 during any given week. You are also entitled to time and a half if you are working a stat, have been an employee for more than 30 days, and have worked 15 shifts in the last 30 days leading up to the stat holiday... Unless you choose to move your stat to another day -- i.e. work the stat, but then take another day off in its place; then you are not entitled to the overtime pay.

Anyway, that was just my "light" reading for this morning as I strap on my white shoes and head on out to brighten up some lives and pop a few hundred pills out of their packets while reciting 9 rights aloud, three times in a row. Right drug, right dose, right time, right route, right reason, right person, right documentation, and the patient has the right to refuse and the right to be educated about the drug. There's your NINE. count 'em nine rights. Oi! I think the RNs in BC have recently started doing 10 rights? Anyone know what the 10th right is?

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