Eventful Day at Practicum

Nurses in BC get a lot of great education before they go out into practicum, especially into the hospital. If you are in school, pay special attention to the CVA and dementia classes. You will come into a lot of it in practice.

From my practicum experience today, all I can say is it's very important to try and understand the underlying cause of certain actions. A post-CVA patient may have inappropriate behaviors, even compative behaviors. These are not always because of the patienthaving a mean spirit. They could very well be sweethearts. They could also be watching themselves exhibiting these behaviors without knowing how to stop themselves. They have actual damage to their brain that can cause them to lose their self control... These may or may not be temporary.

Sometimes, their verbal communication is much different from their physical. For example, they might be yelling or cursing at you, but they're being gentle and listening to you when you ask them to do things. They may be perectly fine and cracking jokes while at the same time muttering disturbing words.

That's the basic theme that I had for today: Reasonings behind certain behaviors.

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