Done Like Butta

Done. I am done! Done practicum that is. The very last practicum of this course! Now I am off for a few days until my preceptorship starts. I am very excited to get started on that! I'm just absolutely shocked at how quickly this praticum passed. I'm also pretty amazed at how far I've come.

I started off a little on the shy side with my patients... I was a little uneasy ever interrupting them to be able to finish my assessments. I was uneasy putting my foot down at all. In essence, I wasn't overly confident. I didn't come off confident. By the end of the practicum, I charged down the hall knowing exactly what my plan of action was. I talked openly to patients no matter how new they were to me. I was able to finish assessments in completeness, no matter how many interruptions there were.

I almost feel like a new person coming out of this. I see myself more able to "Sell myself" when needed. Alright, I'm coming off a little cocky here, which I'm not. Just sayin'  :P

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