12 Hours is Kinda Hard

I worked my first 12 hour shift -- ever! It wasn't too bad. My feet certainly hurt right now, but it was still good. I didn't have an actual preceptor with me since mine is off on worker's compensation for a work-injury, though she should be back within 3-4 days... Hopefully.

I was paired up with an LPN who was a casual to that floor. She was pretty darn good. I hadn't yet seen a working nurse with such good asepsis practice, thurough assessments, and good patient-centered care. She did things, small things that nurses tend to cut corners on, such as putting on slippers before a person's foot hits the ground... Did you know that the hospital floor is considered the dirtiest place in the whole building? Before, I never cringed at seeing people running around barefoot or in socks, but now I certainly do. There has been blood, urine, feces, probably even pus or other drainage on the floor. Sure, they disinfect it, but by no means are the poo molecules fully picked up in the disinfection process.

Congratulations on the disinfected poop on your socks :D

I was at least given the opportunity to give some medications, which included a subcutaneous injection (yay). The nurse also let me "take the team" which was only 4 very stable patients. In the end, I'm pretty sure she did more work even though I "had the team (of patients)." There are some things that she thought to do long before it ever began to cross into my mind. I'm hoping I'll be able to do that with experience and I'm sure it will come.

Vaguest post ever. That's what happens after 12 hours -- what can I say? ha

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