Knitting Update - Onto Scarves

I finished the fish hat the other day and am now resuming a scarf I started making earlier this year when we had a freak snow storm in the middle of March... We don't get a lot of snow in this area.

The fish hat came out pretty well. I haven't done the eyes just yet -- I don't have supplies for it yet. I'll estimate that the hat took about 4 half-days of solid knitting to complete. It was super easy and I'd recommend it to anyone that is a beginner right now, looking to try something in the beginner-intermediate category. It knits up quick and the end result is pretty darn cute!

Now, I am onto the scarf whose pattern can be found here. It's called the Tweed Scarf and it is a little difficult... Mostly, because there are so many changes in the pattern that my mind often gets lost in it. I'm also not sure what the writer means by "(Begin first repeat here)" but I have been making my way through it, regardless.

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