Oops... Have to stop overworking myself...

I'm boring lately, I know! Last weekend, I ended up taking two night shifts in the middle of 5 evening shifts. Luckily, I took one of the days off: Halloween, of course. So over 4 work days, I did 6 shifts o.O   I was surprisingly not pooped out until my day off, when I slept until 4:30 PM. Good times, good times. 

My nursing class had a reunion on Thursday where we just caught up on our lives over the past year. It was awesome! I loved seeing those that showed up and talking about our nursing experiences thus far. 

Coincidentally, it was at the same bar around the same time as the Outdoor Vancouver Island meetup so I went up there for a while and essentially hogged the Snow baby. She's 6 days old and is very cute! Very adorable baby and the parents are just awesome.

I'm off to Comox today for a surprise birthday party, then tomorrow is a day of shopping in Nanaimo with our gift cards from the wedding... Then I work Monday to Friday during which I anticipate the house getting super messy and sloppy! 

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