OCM - The End

As I mentioned in previous posts, I stopped using the oil cleansing method. It stunted most nodules (cysts) from forming, however, it left my skin looking very unhealthy and it gave me a lot of white heads -- something I don't normally suffer from. In the end, I tried using a scant amount of oil, I tried steaming more, I tried washing my face with water afterwards, and so forth. It just wasn't working out. I hated how lackluster my skin was looking at the end of two weeks.

I usually stick with facial cleansing methods for 3 or more weeks before I throw in the towel or decide to keep going, but this was just getting to be too much. My face turned more red than it ever had from angry breakouts and it was just becoming painful... It was like trading the painful nodular acne for pustular acne. Nodules hurt like heck because they are so deep, but the pustular (white-heads) hurt because there were just so darn many of them.

On the brighter side, I found out that olive oil works incredibly well as an eye makeup remover. It takes waterproof mascara right off!

Right now, I've started the "Detox" kit I got from Beauti Control - it was actually a free gift for hosting a party. I was ridiculously relaxed lastnight after following the Detox kit steps -- make your tea, put on your mask, pour your bath with the bath oils, etc. I ended up in the bath  -- which smelled fantastic -- sipping on tea and drinking My Sister's Keeper, which I received from my mom on my birthday <3

In the end, the bathtub felt buttered up from the oils, but my skin felt amazing and so did my soul. I can't wait for tonight when I get to do it again :)   It also has a foot cream and a body cream, which also smell amazing.

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