Marin Bikes

I bet I'm boring the heck out of  you guys lately with all the personal blog posts as opposed to community, nursing, etc. posts.

So I have quite the debt under my belt right now, most of which I managed to rack up in a storm of idiocy before my 21st birthday. I'm looking forward to slowing crawling out of my debt hole. That said, I'm also wishing I had an extra few thousand laying around so I could buy a bike. Marin Bikes!

I currently have my eyes set on Marin's  Attack Trail 6.9 - a sexy beast of a mountain bike complete with full front and rear suspension. Enough to buck you off after a nifty trail jump! Swap on street wheels and you'll have my new means of transportation to work!  Unfortunately, the bike costs roughly $4,600 and it would take me 9 or so months to save that up. Ew.  I guess I'll just focus on paying off my hefty MasterCard bill in the mean time.

I recently got a job at a VIHA facility and am super stoked about it. So far, all the staff there that I have met have been valuable knowledge resources and are just amazing with residents and families. I'm stoked to finally have a VIHA job and have been toying with the idea of adding myself to the list of casual care aides. Might as well add a few extra shifts here and there while adding on some seniority hours! :P

I'm still a really new nurse - I've only been graduated for 7 months, but I'm still absolutely in love with this job. I love interacting with people, I love learning new things every day, I love the challenges that come at times, and creating bonds with all the people I work for and with. Love, love, love it!

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