I Hate Being Sick!

Knitting in bed.

Halp! I needs a tissue! :(

The last half of this month, I have had a heck of a lot of shifts! I was pretty darn happy with that. I was enjoying my one day off and preparing to go back to work for another 4 days before having my 5 days off! Score! And then, BAM! I get nailed with a pretty silly illness. I think it's a cold... A bit of a harsh cold.

I called in sick, fully expecting to go back the next day. Next day comes, and I'm suddenly taken over by an overwhelming feeling of drowsiness and weakness. I called in sick again, fully expecting to be in the next day. I wake up today -- day three of what would have been my four shifts, and I can't talk! Auhg! My throat hurts something awful right now and I have a really gnarly cough. I tried calling in sick, but I know I'm letting my boss down a lot this week. There aren't a lot of back-up LPNs for this particular shift, but... Hell. I'm sick. It's not like I can really help that... 

I left a voicemail... I wonder if she'll be able to understand it through the random voice crackles, and high pitched whines made by my frail larynx. :P

In the meantime, I've been working on my first knitted sweater! I'm guessing it will take me another month to finish since I usually only work on it during days I don't work.

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