How Geeky Are You?

I am one of few people in my group of friends that actually laughed out loud at this comic:

It's about Windows :P

Anywho. I'm enjoying this long, long weekend that I have. I've been working at getting the wallpaper off from the walls of the living room. So far, we've managed to get all but a few feet of wallpaper off. A little background: the previous owners of the house put up wallpaper rather poorly -- the edges were coming off, there was no cutting in the corners, just overlapping. The wallpaper is vinyl, and on top of that vinyl they painted. This made a very impermeable top portion. We used a perforating tool, then we slathered the wallpaper in whatever the heck was available. We started off with the hard core wallpaper remover that you dilute into a gallon or so of water. Then we moved onto the gell type. In the end, nothing worked!

We ended up peeling off/cutting off the top portion of the wallpaper so that the vinyl top portion was removed, leaving behind the literal paper backing with glue. After that, we were able to remove the paper with just water and fabric softener.

All that's left is that tiny but behind our TV, washing the walls, filling in the vast amount of holes, sanding, priming, and painting. *phew*

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