I feel so darn disorientated! I woke up at 8:00 this morning and didn't start shift until 3:00 PM. By the time the half-way mark came on our measley 6-hour-long shift, I was ready for a nap! Now, 5 hours later, I am just fully exhausted but my mind is just getting ready to start the day!

No matter. I have a lot of stuff I can dive into to keep me entertained. I can't remember the last time I've uttered the words "I'm bored." There's always something to do. Knitting, browsing the Internet, watching TV, cooking, cleaning, baking, researching, running, walking, planning days out, and so forth. There's always something to do. I enjoy the times where I sit on the couch and think "Yeash... I have nothing to do... " I find it incredibly relaxing. I love living life in the medium-fast lane. Always busy with something and if I'm not, I find something to busy myself. Maybe that's another reason why I joined BeautiControl as an Independant consultant.

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