Back From Mexico!

So we have returned from our (pre) honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I have to say... It's a darn shame how terribly the USA and Canada promote Mexico as a terrible place with lots of crime. Sure, there is definitely crime in Mexico City, but come on... How many millions of people are crammed into that small space? Anyway, Cabo is a very relaxed place to go if you know what you're doin before you get there. By this, I mean it's important to know about the time shares, the taxi drivers, bartering, the venders, where to eat, and so forth. And for the love of... I couldn't believe my ears when I heard a tourist complaining about them not speaking enough English down there. It's Mexico. They speak Spanish, not English, you dolt... Sorry. That just really ticked me off.

Anyway! I will be going through my written journals and writing up an entry for each day I was there, filled with tips on handling yourself while down there, which activities you must try, and other things of such. If this doesn't interest you, just avoid the entries that will be titled "Mexico: Day x."

Some bad news: my laptop decided to be a butthole before we left. It no longer sees my battery (or the battery of my partner's same model battery) and it enjoys dying every once in  while with no warning. I now have to use it while it is plugged into the wall. If it becomes unplugged, it instantly shuts off. D'oh! I don't want to shell out for a new laptop just yet, though. How did it die? Oh... Probably had something to do with the coffee I spilled on it... Maybe I'll try taking it apart and cleaning off the internal connections and mobo.

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