Save On Foods... Thrifty's...

Man, I hate this store. I hate it! But I keep going there out of convenience. Specifically, the one in Parksville. It is constantly bombarded with fruit flies. I don't mean just a few fruit flies, I mean I picked up a plastic case of strawberries to look at the freshness and I saw about 4 fruit flies squirming around inside and a cloud of fruit flies appear out of nowhere when I lifted it up. *shudder*

This isn't terribly out of the ordinary for this store. I also had a cashier ignore me on many occasions while checking out so that she could chat with her friends.

I've lived here for a little longer than a year and I've already accidentally purchased 6 expired items. One that stands out in my mind rather well is the Kashi cereal I purchased that was 6 months past its expiry date. I didn't realize this until I bit into the awesomely stale square of yuck.

Call this a rant if you will, but boo. Sometimes I'll have great experiences there, sometimes they are just aweful. The Save On Foods in Nanaimo is just awesome, on the other hand. Their produce always looks fresh and the employees are usually quite friendly.

Thrifty Foods in Parksville is an A++ store. I love going there. They have the freshest foods I've ever seen, a great selection of meats and cheeses, it's almost always spotless looking, and their employees are just amazing. I love that they always give my daughter a sticker at the checkout... Not to mention their awesome "half" carts. I wish I lived closer to Thrifty's than to Save On, haha

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