Parksville Community WARNING

Moms of daughters in the Parksville area, please be careful and warn your daughters. Get them a safety whistle or a cell phone to carry on themselves if they must walk alone. If possible, encourage them to walk with friends.

Yesterday, my MIL's friend's daughter was followed by a man described to be in his 40's or 50's, dark brown/black hair down to his jawline, dark spot on the front of his neck (like a burn), tattoo of a barbell or dumbbell on his upper right arm, greasy/dirty looking hands, a smoker, very freckled face... Driving around in an older black, light-duty truck with a black tarp in the back covering something "bumpy", no lisence place on the front, rusting around the wheel wells, large scrape down the front of the truck, passenger-side headlight is cracked, and an airfreshener or a photo of a woman in a short red dress hanging from his rear-view mirror.

The police are on the lookout for this guy, so please give them a call if you know anything. He was offering a ride to the daughter of MIL's friend, she declined and walked quickly away, so he followed her inside of his truck, even following her down the one-way street in the main area of downtown parksville. She started running once he actually followed her down the one-way street and managed to get to her mom's work safely, though very shaken up. Police say this is the second report they've had of this guy in two days. Please be careful and pass on the info!

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