101 Things to Do... How Are We Doing?

I still only have half of my list written out, so maybe I'll work some more on that today. So far, I've only had progress on the following:

3. Knit my first pair of socks.  (One sock close to completion)
Have my business make more than 4 sales per month on average. (1/4)

Run a 5 Km race. (5 k race this Sunday!)

Become a representative of a home-party company. (Wow... I forget ever writing this one down, but I joined BeautiControl last week)

34. Read at least 15 books...  ( still working on the first one, but it's in progress anyway: 0/15)

53. This should be done naturally, but draw with my daughter for 300 days in 12 months (1/300)


It was pretty interesting to see that the month I started the 101 things to do in 1001 days, and the month I created the goal board and started putting my energy into it, I got my first business sale (not BeautiControl) since January. I didn't change a darn thing about what I was doing, not did I even touch my business, the sale came to me. Isn't that something? Awesome :)

I really ought to get working on that website, though. Get some more sales coming in. Use that paired with BeautiControl to get some income coming in so I can worry about more important things, like my amazing daughter.

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