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Gifts For Runners

These posts are probably bias towards my own personal wants, but best to share to give others some ideas! 

Gifts for runners... Pretty much everything running-related is expensive. Even the socks are expensive... Ick! That said, I present to you an unordered list:

  • Running socks. These are wicking socks, sometimes with extra support. 
  • Compression socks: Usually knee-high socks with extra support for runners.
  • Running shoes... Include a gift receipt! Runners are super picky, but it is the thought that counts :)
  • Running skirts for the ladies (,
  • Athletic shirts and/or sports bra tops. 
  • Running leggings. (CW-X makes *awesome* leggings, but cost a very pretty penny.)
  • Rehydration and/or fuel belt.
  • iPod, Shuffle, or other music stuffs.
  • Headphones (go cheap).
  • Vaseline and/or Body Glide.
  • Garmin watch (oh how I wish I had one of these babies!)
  • Subscription to a running magazine. 

This is just a start created from the top of my head while I sit here with my morning coffee. Nom, nom, nom. 

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Getting Back Into Running


Nike LivestrongAlright, so I've been slacking... Massively. I haven't had a good run in months! I'm getting back into the swing of it all since I indulged in some new minimalistic shoes from Nike's Live Strong collection. This post is mostly about the shoes... I figure they're pretty expensive, so some of you might want to see at least one real user review before making the dive.

I forget what the model name is for the new kicks and I'm far too lazy to check, but they feel like wearing slippers. They fit my foot like a sock - tight in a comfortable way. The tongue of the shoe is not an independent piece as with most shoes, which is amazing. No chaffing from a tongue that keeps moving. I only really need to tie up the laces for aesthetics and so I don't trip myself. That's how well these shoes are made to fit.


The sole of the shoes are flexible. Unlike most other shoes, they are not flexible because of the rubber, they are flexible due to the "jointed" nature of them (see picture). This is awesome as it allows my foot to move around as it would naturally, while the insole provides a little arch support which my 100% flat arches desperately need. The only downside of this feature is one of the joints happes to be located at the tip of my "pinky" toe. This creates an intermittent pressure on my little toes as I go through a running stride. If the joint was a little higher, it would be a perfect shoe. 

I can't run very far now that I am fully out of shape, but when I do get back in shape, I'll have to test these buggers out on a distance run. My guess is I'll end up with bloody toes. 

The runner's high is worth it... D:

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Vancouver Island Races for September

Wahoo! Finally. She does it and it is complete : May I present to you the fresh off my fingertips race schedule?

September 2010 Vancouver Island Running Races

Date  Location   Race Name  Distance  Race Website
1stRegistration Opens2011 Frontrunners Island Race SeriesN/AVIRA Online Registration
5thNanaimoCHECK NEW's Harbor City Half5 KmRegister Online
 5thVictoria Juan de Fuca Duathlon Multi Duathlon 
12thComox ValleyCVRR Memorial RaceMultiOnline Website
12thNanaimoNanaimo Daily News/Harbor City Half 21 KmHarbor City Half
18thLake CowichanGreat Lake Walk and Ultramarathon56 KmRegister Online
18thNanaimoRun For the Mountain 6 Km6 KmRegister Online
19thParksvilleTerry Fox Run - Rathtrevor Beach3-10
25thCumberlandMind over Mountain50 KmMind Over Mountain site
26thCampbell RiverCash Store Financial's Freedom Run 3 & 5 KmRegister Online
 26thVictoriaCash Stor Financial's Freedom Run 3 & 5 Km Register Online 
26thVictoriaEsquimalt 5K Race Walk & Fun Walk5 KmRegister Online
28th NanaimoRun/Walk for Family  5 & 10 KmRegister Online

As always, if I have missed something, just let me know and I will update the list.

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Vancouver Island Running Races in July 2010

July 2010 Vancouver Island Running Races. Check back monthly for updated racing schedules. Sorry I missed the month of June!

Date  Location   Race Name  Distance  Race or Organization Website
11thChemainus, BCCowichan Challenge TriathalonMultiRunning Room Registration
11thEsquimalt Rec CenterTriathalon of CompassionMultiOnline Registration 
11thMt. Douglas, VictoriaGut Buster's Trail Running Series6 & 11 KmGut Busters
17thVictoriaThe Q's Victoria Track Series
 3 Km The Q's
17thVictoria, BCThe Full Monty by Club Fat Ass25-50 KmClub Fat Ass 
25thEsquimalt Rec CenterEsquimalt 8 K / The Zone8 KmOnline Registration 
30thVictoriaThe Q's Victoria Track Series800 m The Q's

Am I missing something? Leave a comment to let me know and I will add it, no matter how small or large the event is!

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Running... Aaahh

I've decided that I will run a half marathon at the end of the summer. Oh yes, I will.

My Running Log for April 21st
Today's running course: 4.7945 Km
Longest stretch of straight running:  1.3309 Km
Total time:  46 minutes... Ish

Quite obviously, I have some training to do! I've been running once or twice a month for the past few months, so I have definitely gone down hill in that respect.

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May Vancouver Island Running Races 2010

Upcoming running races on Vancouver Island for the year 2010 -- the month of May. Interested in April races? See my previous entry for April Vancouver Island Running Races


Date  Location   Race Name  Distance  Race or Organization Website
1stBeaver Lake Park, VictoriaHarrier's Elk/Beaver Ultra50 Km+Elk/Beaver Ultra
1stOak Bay Track, VictoriaThe Q's Vic. Track Series #1VariousTrack Series
8thMt. TzouhalemGut Busters 1 Mt. Tzouhalem11 Km+Gut Busters
8thCampbell RiverGreen Gallop Family Fun Run5 KmShore Runners
9thSooke Seaparc Leisure C.Team X [Triathalon]MultipleSooke Sprinters
VictoriaSound & Silence Mother's D...10 KmWebsite 
15thOak Bay Track, VictoriaThe Q's Vic. Track Series #2VariousTrack Series
16thOak Bay Avenue, Victoria5th Anual Oak Bay Kool ha...13 Km+Peninsula Runners
22ndSquamishMind Over Mountain Squam...50 Km+Mind Over Mountain
Westwood Lake, NanaimoGut Busters 2 Westwood Lake11 Km+Gut Busters
30thNanaimoCBI Hustle For Hunger6 Km+No Website, Janice @ 250 729-0990
TBACampbell RiverCystic Fibrosis Foundation G...6 Km+Shore Runners

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April 2010 Running Races on Vancouver Island

Here are the April running races for Vancouver Island. If you have one that is not listed, please let me know so I can update the list! 


Date   Location   Race Name  Distance  Race or Organization Website
April 2thNanaimoFletcher's Challenge Trail Race 12K12
April 4th
MervilleMerville 15 K
15 KmVI Running Assoc.
April 11th
CourtenayMS Society Walk 3K/7K/10K3-10 KmMS Society
April 18th
SookeSooke River 10 K  series and Rewards10 KmVI Running Assoc.
April 25th
VictoriaTimes Colonist 10 K10 KmTimes Colonist 10 k

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Running Races on the Island - Help

Help me compile a list of running races on the island! I'm trying to find as many as I can and intend to sign up for a handful of the 15 k and under races with my sister. Once I have a list of races, I'll provide details about registration and so forth.

Let's continue on with the great start to the new year and get our fitness levels up to a point where our hearts thank us for making them stronger ;)

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Running in Skirts

(This is not a sponsored post)

When I find a product I love, I tend to spread the word a lot. Good word of mouth is the best mode of advertisement, afterall! Last year, I found Running Skirts through a message forum discussion on Runner's World. I ordered a running skirt and quickly returned to order another.

I love running in a skirt, because there are no shorts riding up your bum as you take steps, no excessive drag of the fabric against your skin, and it in my mind, I feel better wearing it. It's rare around here to see a running skirt, but I don't mind being the odd ball... I was that kid who played with barbies until she was 13 and didn't really care what others said about it ;)

Anyway, "Running" is a site run by two moms -- twins. Both of whom have an incredible passion for running. They are currently having a sale of 50% off selected apparel. I highly recommend getting your butt over there to take advantage of this! I'm in the last month of being a student, so I won't be taking advantage of this deal *whimper*

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I am a fan of running. That's no secret. I haven't been running as much as I should be lately, though. I'm getting back into running and I have to hit it full force. I have a measly 5 Km run on October 4th - the CIBC Run for the Cure, which you can find a link to on the right.

I am going to start slow as I ease back into running... Assess where my level is at and go from there. From here on out, I'll be doing interval running, starting off as such: Run for 3, walk for 2.5, run for 5, walk for 2.5, run for 3, walk for 1.5, run for 5, walk for 5 (cool-down). I always start off with a 5 minute walk to warm my muscles and joints up.


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Royal Victoria Marathon

I was looking forward to running my first marathon or even a half marathon this year, but I let my running-self go. I have a few classmates that were able to maintain their cardiovascular health throughout our program and they have signed themselves up for the Royal Victoria Marathon.

I realize that there is an 8 Km road race as well, but to top off my terrible fitness, I have no idea what my preceptor's hours are going to be like or what days I will be on. I'd like to avoid taking time off preceptorship as much as possible.

Anyway -- just a head's up! There are only a few weeks left to sign up and be promised a shirt as well as an entry fee discount.

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