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Halloween... Generic Post

Happy Halloween!

We won't be trick or treating! :(  We were debating whether or not to hand out candies because the news (ha, media...) Told me not to! haha

Anyway, we took advantage of Thrifty's Food delivery service so that we wouldn't but the community at risk for infection. We were looking at Quality Foods, but I read that they don't deliver on weekends. Thrifty's to the rescue once again :P The delivery guy was super, super nice -- asked him just to drop the stuff off outside and we would grab it ourselves. He made a few jokes and all was good.

I'm so sick of being house-bound, I finally emptied out our old fridge (got a new old one from my mom when she moved), unplugged it, then took downthe cupboard above it (it was atiny fridge, we need the space for our new fridge to fit in). I gave the floor a quick towel-down, now I'm waiting for it to dry. I'll give it a quick sweep, then a good mopping, let it dry, then put the new fridge in place!

I also went on a bit of an energy bender in the bathroom and scrubbed the soap scum off of our double-sized soaker tub. Having a tub that big is more of a pain than it is a luxury... Especially with the jets that can get gross *shudder*  I've decided that Tuesdays are Tub days -- weekly tub scrubbing shall ensue.

I remember Saturdays were going to be something else, but I forget now... Saturday... Saturday... Oh nuts. I hate forgeting things. Especially when I remember that it was awesome haha

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