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Getting Back Into Running


Nike LivestrongAlright, so I've been slacking... Massively. I haven't had a good run in months! I'm getting back into the swing of it all since I indulged in some new minimalistic shoes from Nike's Live Strong collection. This post is mostly about the shoes... I figure they're pretty expensive, so some of you might want to see at least one real user review before making the dive.

I forget what the model name is for the new kicks and I'm far too lazy to check, but they feel like wearing slippers. They fit my foot like a sock - tight in a comfortable way. The tongue of the shoe is not an independent piece as with most shoes, which is amazing. No chaffing from a tongue that keeps moving. I only really need to tie up the laces for aesthetics and so I don't trip myself. That's how well these shoes are made to fit.


The sole of the shoes are flexible. Unlike most other shoes, they are not flexible because of the rubber, they are flexible due to the "jointed" nature of them (see picture). This is awesome as it allows my foot to move around as it would naturally, while the insole provides a little arch support which my 100% flat arches desperately need. The only downside of this feature is one of the joints happes to be located at the tip of my "pinky" toe. This creates an intermittent pressure on my little toes as I go through a running stride. If the joint was a little higher, it would be a perfect shoe. 

I can't run very far now that I am fully out of shape, but when I do get back in shape, I'll have to test these buggers out on a distance run. My guess is I'll end up with bloody toes. 

The runner's high is worth it... D:

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Some of This, Some of That

I woke up feeling a little sick today... boo! Of course, it happens the day after our house guest leaves and we get the house back to ourselves. If you get uncomfortable reading personal stories, don't read this entry - we went through a loss (two losses, actually) and this is the story... 

I'm still on tilt a bit with whacky hormones and mental exhaustion. Now that I've told all our loved ones and what-not, I guess I can go into more detail as to why I've been MIA. We had planned another baby and got pregnant in August. We were excited as heck and told our parents early... We also told a few other people, mostly just because I really hate lying about things ("Why aren't you drinking?" "Why can't you go in the hottub?") Anyway, we lost the pregnancy in the beginning of this month. Sucked enough as it were, but then we found out it wasn't just one baby, it was two! So amongst dealing with that, I ended up hemorrhaging and being admitted to the hospital. That isn't a normal part of a miscarriage if you were wondering! So that sucked. Ended up having to take time off work and scared the crap out of myself and my husband. 

My daughter was pretty awesome, though! While we were waiting for the ambulance while I hemorrhaged, my daughter asked me why I was crying. I told her I was scared. She said something along the lines of "Mommy, you don't have to be scared. See? I'll turn on the light and then you won't have to be scared anymore!"  Kids make almost everything more bearable. I love that girl. 

So, that's my story. Among that, we had a cancer scare, multiple CT scans and hospital trips for hubby, a wedding to plan, and random bills that I'm pretty sure the universe just kind of pulled out of its butt just to test us. October has always been a month shadowed by terrible news and terrible occurrences. 

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Family Planning... Day-By-Day Calendar

I was looking for Itinerary templates for Pages (iWorks application) and came across this template for a weekly/day-by-day schedule for large families. I figured this would be mighty helpful for some of you out there with larger families:

Weekly Planner For a Family

The link will bring you to a page that will show you an image of the template and a brief description. Enjoy!

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Are You Enjoying The Weather?

Are you enjoying the weather? The sun has been out all day! My goodness, it's just gorgeous out there. I decided to go out with my sister and her son, our friend Shanon and her daughter, my dog, my daughter and I. We went to the park and checked out the new boardwalk that the town is in the middle of constructing along the beach. It looks like it will make an excellent run spot ;D

On a random note, I've been reading through a lot of antidepressant forums and reading up on people trying to wean themselves off of them. I see so much wrong information and well-meaning, but bad advice being handed out... I'm tempted to write a post relating to depression and antidepressants. Mostly, I want to address the "I feel better now and would like to stop taking the medication." Mentality. Unfortunately, the reason why you feel so good is because of the medication. When depression is made enough that it warrants medication, you are going on the medication for life, not until you feel better... Generally, anyway.

The withdrawals are terrible. You have to be prepared and have your doctor on your side as well as your family and support system.

Aww darn, see? I'm turning this into a post about antidepressants already!  For those of you that are curious, I am on 37.5 mg of Effexor OD for depression. I feel completely normal and completely fine/content/happy while on it despite the occasional headache. My family has a history of depression and I battled with it for 13 years before turning to medication. I only wish I turned to medication sooner. It doesn't change who you are, doesn't make you a bad person, but it does help you to start thinking like a normal, healthy person :D

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Couple of Things...

Been keeping super busy at my new job! Wahoo. My only complaint is that the location isn't unionized.

Now, where the heck did Kinda Car Sick go?? I loved that blog *cry* Especially after Sara posted her lovely staff infection. Come back, lady!

In the knitting world, I'm currently working on my very first sweater. So far, I only have about 3 inches of 1x1 ribbing done. I'm using the pattern, Carona, though I will alter it slightly to make it londer in the body as well as the sleeves. I love sweaters that stop half-way down the bum since it's a good length to avoid the "constantly pulling my shirt down" syndrome.

I got my new blackberry in the mail. I love it so far... I'm easily amused, though. I spent at least an hour in bed last night at around 5:00 AM playing the texas hold'em game on it. If you haven't guessed, I have been doing a lot of night shifts lately so sleeping normal hours is next to impossible.

I'm about ready to take a nice long bath with my two new BeautiControl products -- not kidding you. I effing love the Fango seaweed masque. The way it smells, the way it feels, and how it leaves my skin after I'm done using it makes me crave using it :x  I pair it up with my other favorite poduct, the Luxuries of the Sea bath soak which has an aroma that compliments the masque very well. This isn't a plug, I swear haha I can't make money from this stuff online! I just love it :( A lot. A lot, lot, lot.

I have my licensing exam in two more sleeps. I'm super nervous... Halp!

Oh, PS. Although tetracycline is absolutely kicking my butt to the curb with its nausea-inducing tendencies, it has done a wonderful job clearing up my skin. I haven't had a new break-out for two weeks. One and a half more months left... Sweet jebus.

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I'm Doing Fabulous, How Are You?

I've been pretty relaxed since I finished school. I'm spending most of my days writing out resumes and cover letters and applying for jobs here and there. I actually just started applying for jobs yesterday and managed to land an interview which went quite well. I hope that I can get that job since it is with VIHA!

I'm thinking about writing up a resume tips and tricks page... One of the most common questions I've heard from newly graduated nurses is "How I do I get work/write a resume without any experience?" Well, the answer is pretty simple... Write a skills-based resume, not a chronological one. Always write a cover letter - call the place ahead of time and get the name of the person you're aplying to. "To whom it may concern" isn't a very nice way to start a cover letter -- it shows that you haven't put any time into your application and you're there for the job alone, not for the actual facility.

Anywho! I am going to be passing out my applications all day tomorrow, so wish me luck!

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My Sister's Keeper

I finally finished the book "My Sister's Keeper."

I'm pretty sad that it's over! It was a very good read. I found it a little strange at first. The writing style took a while for me to get used to, but it was a very emjoyable style once I got used to it.

The ending shocked the heck out of me and I was a little upset that I was at work and not at home when I finished it. I wanted to bawl my eyes out! haha  I recommend this book to other moms and dads. I'm not sure if it would have the same effect on me if I weren't a parent. To be honest, I never imagined love so strong until I had my daughter.

There are a few other books out there by the same author, so there's a good chance I will be picking those books up! Right after I finish the Twilight series... My mom and sister suggest that I read them :P

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Last Night Shift

I am about to do my very last night shift. I am so burned out already, but it'll be worth it in the end. This is an extra shift I have picked up because of the one I missed on Thursday for my grandfather's wake. I don't mind nightshifts, really. They are pretty boring, but I at least get to see my daughter a bunch when I'm at home. On the evening shifts, she's always asleep when I'm home and it makes me miss her like crazy!

Tuesday is my only day off, then I am off to work 6 evening shifts in a row. If this doens't kill me, what will?

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Night Shifts

I did my first night shift yesterday on the Rehab unit. It wasn't too bad. I was pretty tired at the end and had a rough time driving home, but it was manageable.

We did hourly rounds, updated the MARs, stocked carts, and did patient care as needed. I ended up doing my first solo catheterization, which went pretty smoothly.

Catheterizations are such a simple skill, but there is a lot of technique behind it - mostly with regards to maintaining sterility. There's also some dexterity required, since once your positional/stabilizing hand touches the patient, it can no longer be used. It's game over. you're left with your other hand to insert the catheter (without touching anything outside of the field, which includes the patient) and inflate the balloon if there is one.

I'm off for another night shift!

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Tendinitis is Underrated

Tendinitis is severely underrated. It hurts a lot! I currently have it in my right rotator cuff as well as my righ elbow area. It makes it hard to lift things, or even take a sweater off. It hurts when I lay down in bed at night. Strange stuff! I just ty not to use it as much as posible and it usually resolves itself within a few weeks.

So I have been using the BeautiControl Skinlogics Clear line of skin care for 2.5 weeks now. While my skin isn't clear yet, I've had barely any nodular breakouts -- two. Usually it's one new one per day. Definitely an improvement! I have also been divulging in microderm abrasion (also from BeautiControl) once per week. I look forward to Thursdays knowing that it's a microderm abrasion night, haha

I have been trying out new products here and there. So far, my favorites are the Skinlogics skin care line, the Sugar Cookie (limited availability: just for the holidays!!) collection which includes body wash, butter, instand manicure hand scrub, lip scrub, lip conditioner, and extreme repair hand moisturizer; I also have fallen in love with most of their make-up products. I especially love their shadow control cream (in toupe) and Spectaculash mascara. Lip Apeel is of course a favorite of mine, as is the Spa Detox collection :P 

Heck, I just love everything they make. They really do make amazing products.

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Feeling Better

Felt good to rant, I won't lie!

I'm going to go to the funeral on Thursday and worry about my practicum hour issues later. I doubt any school would let me fail because of a death in the family.

I've only lost two people in my life. The first person I lost was my Grandma. She and I weren't buddy/buddy close, but she, my mom, my sister, and I often went out for lunch together. I'd see her two-three times each week. Christmas, birthdays, Halloween, etc. all involved Grandma. Losing her was losing the back bone of my extended family. It was losing Christmas - losing birthdays, losing all special events. Losing her was the hardest thing I have ever gone through. She passed on October 14, 2007.

The other person, obviously, is my Grandpa -- other side of the family. I only saw him a few times each year growing up because he lives on Salt Spring Island. His health was constantly going downhill, but losing him was still a shock. He passed away October 15, 2009.

I will be hiding under a table on October 16th, 2011.

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I Hate Ranting

I really do hate ranting, but sometimes you just have to let the steam shoot out of both ears.

My preceptor is amazing. My instructors are amazing. I am not mad at them. I am frustrated with the situation that I am in, though. Since my original preceptor's schedule started four days later than usual, I missed out on quite a few potential shifts. Then it turns out that she wasn't actually available, so I only got three shifts the first week. Then my next preceptor, whom we snagged the evening before the very first day I started with her is on 8 hour shifts. I need about 180 hours to finish my credentials for licensing.

I forgot to get mad about how I have to rearrange my daycare completely for this as well... Anyway...

That said, I have four days off in the next three weeks because the schedule is so crammed, which I wouldn't have minded, but! This means that I have ZERO room for not making it to preceptorship. So why is this an issue? Two things:

My daughter is three. This is the first Halloween that she has ever been excited about it and it absolutely kills me that I am working Halloween evening. I have to miss what I consider to be a pretty important parenting moment. Sure, there will be other years, but this is the first year that she's actually excited about it. One of few years where she will be at home and not out with friends for it. Not to mention, I had been planning to do her costume/make-up for her. Now I can't. Kills me a little each time I think about it.

October 15th, 2009. My grandpa died. I was in the middle of a shift and had to leave for home after finding out this news. I already have to make up for that time I took off that day. His memorial service is to be held on Thursday -- in the middle of another shift. I am absolutely torn between not knowing if I can even afford the time off from SCHOOL. It's SCHOOL for cripe's sake! Or going to the memorial service. How on earth is school in a position to put me in any situation as remotely ridiculous as this?

Family funeral/death in the family versus not making enough preceptorship hours to obtain licensure. This is just absurd.

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Important Questions to Ask Yourself

Ask yourselves these questions, courtesy of Zen Habits.

1. Who do I love, and what am I doing about it?
I love my daughter and I tell her several times a day. I show it in my actions and let her feel loved. I love a lot of people, but my daughter is my everything.

2. Am I pursuing my dream, or is fear stopping me?
Fear is stopping me. I stay positive in day to day notions, but overall I feel like I'm in a life that I don't have a lot of control over. Regardless, I try my darnedest to start each day on a positive note.

3. Am I doing something that matters?
Absolutely. Motherhood, continued education, nursing (school). 

4. What am I doing to help others?
As a nurse, upon graduation, I will be helping others in many ways. I offer support and a listening ear to my friends and family... Even strangers when they need it.

5. Am I as good a person as I want to be?
No. I have very high expectations of myself and I don't feel like I can ever be as good a person as I want to be. I'm slowly growing to like myself and get to the point where I can actually say that I would be friends with myself if I met me.

6. What am I doing to live life with passion, health and energy?
I never hold back what I'm feeling inside. I tell at least one person when something is bothering me. I try to be physically active and I try to eat healthy, but I'm not perfect :) 


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Daily Gratitude

What are you grateful for? I am trying to remember to post something that I am grateful for each and every day. Join me on doing this! It helps put me in a good mood and reminds me of how well off I am, no matter what my bank account is telling me :P

Join me on twitter (NurseJoc) for a daily gratitude! I'll help you start off:  "#gratitude Daily Gratitude... I am grateful for ____"

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Oil Cleansing Method

Yeash, how long have I been doing the oil cleansing method? I think it's been 11 days... Almost two weeks! Wow! It's going pretty good. I've learned that I started off using wash clothes that were WAY too hot for the steaming step. This created blotchy red skin, since I was burning myself without realizing it. Even though your skin won't tell you it's burning, you're still at risk for damaging it. Woopsies!

I've adjusted how I manage the cleansing method. I'll go into more details later, but I wanted to post something before I headed off to practicum just because I hadn't really mentioned anything about the OCM lately. I've had one single nodule break-out since I've started, which is pretty significant since I usually have one or two breakouts every other day. A few nodules were even surpressed and reverted back. I had one holy mother of all nodules on my chin that lasted three weeks which has finally gone into remission.

I'm not in love with my skin, but it's starting to look a lot better so I'm pretty darn happy!

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Practicum is Going Well

I can't believe it. I only have 6 days left of practicum! I get to go to maternity tomorrow... I have my fingers crossed for seeing a vaginal delivery. A c-section would be awesome to watch, but I'd prefer to see a mom go through a delivery she has planned for. Unless it's a planned C-section... Obviously :D

I was on the pediatric floor on Sunday, but there wasn't a whole lot that happened there. I got to freak out a mom by gearing up for droplet precautions (booties, bonnet, face mask with an eye shield, gown, and gloves). Apparently, the "droplet precaution" sign at her door was there just for safety measures. The little kid actually didn't have anything that warranted droplet precautions to be taken. Sorry, mom! Didn't mean to scare you like that, haha. Luckily, the little kid didn't mind one bit.

I'm on a medical-surgical floor now, which is nice. I had a very pleasant patient today. Aside from a few organizational issues due to being on the floor for the very first time, my day went very well. I got a few new skills in and I'm pretty satisfied with the quality of work I did on and for my patient.

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OCM Day 7?! Wow!

Alright... So tonight will be the seventh time I've cleaned my skin with oil. So far... No new nodules forming under my skin, and a few of them actually reverted. The bad side is that my skin doesn't look terribly healthy. It's not that it's greasy looking or anything, it's just missing a certain luster about it. Maybe it's just the terrible diet I've been eating lately - nothing but junk!

I have had a few small white heads pop up, likely because I'm not spending enough time steaming and removing the excess oil.

All in all... I'm not really sold on the oil cleansing method. I said I'd do it for 3 weeks, so I will continue to do it for 3 weeks. It's pretty good and it's cheap to do, but it's definitely not perfect!

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Oil Cleansing Method Day... 2?

So today is the third day since I've cleaned my face with anything other than soap paired with harsh chemicals. I'm really apprehensive about posting anything terribly positive... Because I don't want to jinx anything. I have 3 current nodule break-outs on my skin, which are from last week. I had two forming on Sunday when I started this and today, one is completely gone, and the other is small and not red. The pores on my nose look amazing.

I found out that oil is great at removing water-proof mascara! Fabulous :D

So far, I'm pretty content with it. I feel as though my skin is less oily during the day. Usually come afternoon, my skin is incredibly greasy and oily looking. Yesterday, it wasn't too bad at all. It was still kind of oily, but not nearly as bad as normal.

I'm trying to take daily pictures so that I can put together a neat little collage when my 3 weeks is up. I missed last night's photo because I crashed pretty hard after my daughter was in bed. I had only received 2 hours of sleep the night before and was back on my feet for most of the day in light of practicum.

I'm pretty happy with the OCM so far... I just hope that my skin continues to adjust to it like it has been.

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101 Things to Do...

I started a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. A friend linked me to a website showing this off and I thought it would be a fun thing to do, so I started my own list... I barely got past 50 things before my mind went completely dry of ideas, but I will add to it whenever something new pops into my head.

Check it out for yourself and try to make up your own list. I will link you :)

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Oil Cleansing Method Day 2

I've only washed my face with oil once, but this is technically day two. Last night, I did the oil cleansing method for the first time. It was definitely not what I expected. My face was not oily at all at the end of it, which was just a complete shock to me even though I read about how that is expected. It's just weird to think that you're putting oil on your face and yet your face doesn't get oily.

This morning, I woke up and splashed some cool water on my face and patted it dry. That's a bit of a step up from the 30 minutes I used to spend washing, waiting 10 minutes, applying benzoyl peroxide, drying for 10 minutes, then applying moisturizer.

My face doesn't feel that bad today. I thought it would be greasy feeling, but it's not much different than normal for me... It still gets oily/greasy near the end of the day. This is just the second day, so the nature of my skin has not yet changed to accommodate this new style of cleansing.

I'm really antsy to see how this will work out!

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